Find Best Music for Your Major

There is an ongoing and seemingly never-ending debate over whether you should listen to music while studying. Many students use music to help them study and concentrate, albeit very few of them know that there is a correlation between the subject you study and music you should listen to. Before looking at our recommendations, let first cover some ground rules and bust a couple of myths along the way.

Tips How to Choose Music for Major 

  1. Despite the popular belief that listening to certain music, genre, or composer can turn you into a genius, there is no scientific data to support this statement. Nevertheless, there is not a shred of evidence that music can turn a man into a maniac or serial killer.
  2. Choose music with no lyrics or music you are not familiar with. Otherwise, you may find yourself halfway through your study period singing along with your favorite band and not being able to recollect a single word from a paragraph you have just read.
  3. Avoid earworms and popular tunes. The reason is pretty much the same as for the previous item. They get stuck in your mind, and instead of memorizing material, you will be cuddling with that tune. Remember, you are looking for music to listen to while studying, not the other way round.
  4. Match the tempo to your pace and task. It is important to remember that there is no right or wrong way to study, there are ways that fit you and those that don’t. Make sure you adjust your playlist to your task and feel good about it.
  5. Find pleasant ambience. Scientists have proved that emotional learning is more successful and long-lasting, so if you could match music to your subject (not your emotional state), you may find it easier to remember things.
  6. Set your volume. Make sure of adjusting your music, so it is indeed your background rather than major source of distraction.
  7. Break it into study periods. As long as you are done with certain playlist, take a break to give your brain and your eyes time to relax.

It’s so easy to slide from studying to caroling that it is better to set up your studying playlists in advance so you will have time to be careful and thoughtful about it. So now we are switching to matching music to your major. Please consider this to be just a suggestion, not an ultimate truth supposed to work for everyone.

  • humanities. Usually, this type of major requires a lot of memorizing and reading, so we recommend listening to music that stays in the range of 50-80 beats with very little or no lyrics. Look for meditation or relaxation playlists within this range. Soft music for studying will help you concentrate.
  • math. If you are majoring in mathematics, there is an option of classical music or music wishing the range of 60-70 beats per minute to help you boost concentration and focus, and still remain relaxed.
  • science. Similar to humanities, science requires a lot of concentration so studies show that similar range can be applied. The major difference lies in the fact that song with lyrics can cause less distraction and harmful effect. Our suggestions: Coldplay, Pink, Adele repertoire to be your study songs.
  • languages. This is a tricky major in terms of music to listen to while studying, as it highly depends on what you do at the moment, what language you are learning, and if you are able to pick up lyrics from the songs you are listening to. For examples songs by Rammstein can be best soundtracks to study to, if you have to deal with the German language.
  • art or drama. Usually such major require both emotional and creative state of mind, so rock and pop tunes may work wonders for such majors. You will have to dig a little deeper to find what suits you best, but our top picks would be: Rolling Stones, Queen, Katy Perry.

Tip: there are tons of apps (most of them are related to running or jogging) for both IOS and Android where you set tempo yourself and have a certain playlist created for you.

This is pretty much it. Do you have your favorite playlist? If so, what is your major? Can we find any more correlation between subjects, people, majors, and favorite study playlists? Comment below and have a great studying time!

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