Film Review

A film review paper is a kind of academic writing assignments that requires providing a short description of a particular film and giving the opinion of reviewer about it. There are different kinds of film reviews. They can be formal and informal ones. However, if you have to create a film review for academic assignment, you should use formal language.

The Main Points to Take into Account While Writing a Film Review

  • When writing film review essay, the first thing you should do is to watch the film you are writing about. You have to provide your own opinion on this certain film rather than present the opinion of someone else. But you should also take into account the fact that you should provide critiques of other reviewers. This is the sort of information that should be presented in film reviews.
  • In order to write a good film review, you have to think about other films in the same genre as yours. Choose films that describe the same or similar story. Then you have to compare your film with the other similar to it and review their strengths and weaknesses.
  • It is recommendable to allocate sufficient time for writing your film review. If you have enough time to watch your film twice, just do it. The better you know the plot of your film, the better you film analysis essay will be.
  • One more useful piece of advice is to watch some interviews with crew and actors behind the scenes in order to better understand the process of film production.
  • While writing a film review, you can also use one interesting approach. You have to choose one scene from the film that impressed you and analyze it in detail. Remember that you should not fully describe this scene in order to not be a spoiler. Instead, you should concentrate on performance of actors, music, dialogue, setting, light as well as characters.

General Mistakes

  • Describing the plot in detail. Usually, a film review essay is two to three pages long, approximately 500 – 700 words. Therefore, it will be enough if you provide a short outline of the story and describe the setting. Remember that you have to provide analysis of the components of the film. Do not forget that you should think about the audience you are writing to. Moreover, it is advisable to make some notes while watching the assigned film. 
  • Writing about the film you watched earlier based on your memory. It is highly recommendable to watch the film one more time even if you remember its plot. You should watch the film again in order to refresh your memory and recollect all the details of it.
  • Watching and discussing the film in the company of friends or other people. You have to present your personal opinion and perception of the film. While watching it in the company of others, you can imitate their views and not remain independent. 
  • Losing the main idea and focus and making too complicated review. Do not attempt to make your film review essay too sophisticated and smart. It should be interesting, understandable, and clear to your readers.

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