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Filling Free Time With Useful Things

June 19, 2017

Filling Free Time With Useful Things

No matter how busy you are, most definitely you have some free time during the day. Maybe you’re standing in a queue in the bank, or sitting at a bus stop, or maybe you’re anticipating for your coffee to brew – these are all situation in which you have free time. So, why not to use it to your advantage? Using these little periods of time, which are perceived as useless by most of us, will really allow you to make the most out of every day.

Top 10 productive ways to use your free time

  1. Set goals – it may be short-term goals or long-terms goals, focus on what you feel is more important at this point of your life.
  2. Update your priorities – if you already have your goals laid down before you, then you can use your free time to have a fresh look on them and rearrange your priorities if necessary.
  3. Read a book – that’s one of the best ways to fill your time. You can read a book almost everywhere and every time when you have an opportunity.
  4. Pick a Ted Talk and listen to it – second best advice after reading a book, is listening to Ted talks. You’ll definitely get some inspiration and learn something new.
  5. Call your family member or friend – call someone you wanted to talk with for a while but couldn’t find a spare minute to do it.
  6. Study a language – you can carry a pocketbook on Italian language (or any other language) with you and learn some new phrases when you have some free time.  
  7. Clear out your inbox – let’s face it, we never have time for clearing the inbox. Situations like queue to the doctor might be excellent for doing this.  
  8. Network or send a thank you note – write a quick message to your colleague or send a thank you note to someone to show your appreciation.
  9. Write a blog post – a good advice for those who have blog. If you don’t have a blog you can compose a useful post on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social network that you’re using. 
  10. Meditate – focus on your breath and relax. When the mind starts wandering away, just get your attention back to your breath.

I hope you will put these time management tips to a good use and they will allow you to be more productive.

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