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Expository essay definition is as follows: it is a type of the paper that explains a particular topic or idea to a specific audience. Generally, there are three types of an expository essay: an essay used primarily for academic purpose, describing or examining a concept or idea in a comprehensive way; analysis of a concept, describing and exploring some particular event; an expository essay explaining detailed instructions or descriptions of a certain procedure.

Sometimes, it is very difficult to distinguish between these three types according to expository essay meaning. It becomes more evident after you have chosen a specific topic and found a way of presenting an argument about it.

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Key Points for Consideration

  • Description of a process or procedure needs to be compelling and not boring. Always try to find some interesting ways of presenting the subject to the audience without the details that are usually not needed.
  • Present comparison and contrast of your points in two ways: analyzing different methodologies, or discussing alternative approaches used by different professionals.
  • If you use the ‘cause and effect’ approach, make sure that you match the discussed issues in a correct way and support every example with appropriate citations that prove its credibility. It should also needs to be relevant to your chosen theme.
  • While trying to categorize, write in a clear way, and avoid using complicated words.
  • The examples that you choose to support your arguments need to be suitable and logical. To determine whether an example is good enough, argue against it yourself. In case your statement can be rebutted easily, it was not a good example to use in your expository essay.
  • Defining does not boil down to merely finding a definition in a dictionary and copying it in your paper. Many writers start their book or articles by  formulating their own definition; they do not resort to dictionaries but use quotes and their own words instead.

Dos and Don’ts


  • Do choose the theme and methods of research prior to writing expository essay.
  • Do review all the sources you have chosen for your assignment properly and thoroughly.
  • Do use the devices such as logic, deduction and inference in your writing for supporting any claims you present.
  • Do show exactly what you seek to explain, being logical and specific.
  • Do check if you paraphrased efficiently when you used the materials taken from outside sources.


  • Don’t lose track of the main argument you provide in your expository essay.
  • Don’t forget to stick to your expository essay format.
  • Don’t sound too subjective while providing the defense for your argument.
  • Don’t generalize too much; it will undermine your strong arguments
  • Don’t propose statements that are not supported by referenced information and quotations.
  • Don’t use colloquial language, which may spoil even the best expository essay meaning. Keep your arguments scholarly and well organized.
  • Don’t forget about polishing your writing and always make sure you check the quality of the final version of the paper.
  • Don’t include any new data in the conclusion of an essay.

The Most Common Mistakes

  • Building the expository essay based on solely your opinion. You always need to mention a number of alternative perspectives, which are thoroughly supported by credible sources.
  • Using wrong language. Your writing should not be emotional and the reasoning must be based on research.
  • Forgetting to stick to the scholarly tone of writing.
  • Changing your point of view when developing your argument
  • Absence of proper planning.
  • Overuse or insufficient number of references. Make sure that you do not overload your expository essay with excessive citations. Short papers containing up to 2000 words normally require no more than four sources. On the contrary, long research papers and course works of more than 5000 words require the support of more than four sources.

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