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Excellent Analysis Essay

A great analysis essay is supposed to be written in strict accordance with the requirements to this type of academic papers. It implies breaking the subject of the essay into subcategories and careful examination of each of them to present a sound opinion regarding the whole subject. Taking a look at the separate components of the problem, it is important to explain the peculiar features of their interrelation and present conclusions that summarize the analysis.

Main Aspects to Take into Consideration

  1. The process of research and writing may change your opinion regarding the material and your assessment.
  2. A good topic of a comparative analysis essay should be the one with some controversial opinions on it. It is not a good idea to take the issue that is known to everyone.
  3. There are several patterns of writing this kind of essay: compare and contrast, how-to, and cause-and-effect.
  4. It is recommendable to ask the following question before the essay is written, “What is the point that I would like to deny or prove writing this essay?”

Do and Don’t


  • Do use personal pronoun “I” only if the argument should be supported with some examples from personal experience.
  • Do make sure that the paragraphs have smooth transitions. Fluent flow of ideas is guaranteed with such words as ‘thereby’, ‘thus’, ‘moreover’, ‘accordingly’, etc.
  • Do learn how to write an analysis essay and analyze the chosen topic from a wide range of points of view.
  • Do make the analysis complete and objective. Make your arguments strong with new sources of information.
  • Do ensure proper citing of other writers.
  • Do the sorting of the arguments in a logical order: either from the least significant to the most significant, or vice versa.


  • Don’t use personal pronoun “you”.
  • Don’t make the analysis essay longer by adding meaningless sentences. Each sentence should introduce a certain relevant idea.
  • Don’t add any new ideas to the conclusions.
  • Don’t forget to do thorough proofreading and editing of the final paper.

Typical Mistakes

  • Writing an analysis essay, you should not only make a structure for the chosen material, but only summarize it briefly, and make proper investigation of the topic with division into subsections. Besides, it is important to study every of the sections to finalize with a well-written conclusion. 
  • Improper formatting of the citations and quotations.
  • Illogical structure of the paper with multiple ideas and arguments presented in random order. Well-organized papers have a logical sequence of arguments.
  • Using only one or two arguments to build the essay. The paper cannot be strong being based on a limited number of arguments.
  • Confusion between the expository essays and analysis papers. The first merely report information to give the answer to the question ‘What is it?’, while an analysis essay answers the question ‘Why and how has it happened?’ to show the analysis of the presented information. 

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