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Evaluation Essay

What is the main aim of an evaluation essay? It is supposed to assess or size up a certain idea, object or concept. Furthermore, it is important to note that the criteria for evaluation should be precise and clear, while the evidence to support the arguments should be solid and well developed. The crucial aspect of essay efficiency is that the readers can understand the subject and develop their own point of view on the basis of the text.

Essential Aspects to take into Consideration

  1. Keep to the reasonable tone of the evaluation essay notwithstanding your own attitude to the selected subject.
  2. Use sufficient evidence (personal anecdotes, quotes, descriptions, relevant comparisons, etc.)
  3. Avoid all kinds of biased attitude. An essay review, for instance, should have a perfect evaluative thesis with sufficient evidence that supports it.
  4. Decide on the number of arguments depending on the controversial nature of the chosen subject. 
  5. Do not forget to include an opposite opinion into the essay.
  6. Demonstrate your complete awareness of all the aspects of the topic.

Do and Don’t


  • Do focus on the chosen audience. The subject of your review essay should be interesting for your readers, although it may seem boring for other people.
  • Do make an evaluation on the basis of more than four or five criteria. Your point of view will be clearer and more specific if the number of criteria for assessment is higher.
  • Do ensure that the provided evidence is sufficient. Besides, make it balanced for every of the criteria.
  • Do pay special attention to the credibility of the arguments that you use. Double check whether you have provided some evidence to every selected criterion.
  • Do learn how to write a review essay and use some adequate standard for the chosen topic to be used as a model for you.
  • Do remember about obligatory editing and careful proofreading of the essay before submission. Proper punctuation and grammar are of great importance.


  • Don’t make the paper informal.
  • Don’t undervalue the clarity of judgment. Help the readers understand the topic of the paper using all possible means.
  • Don’t make use of hackneyed subjects.
  • Don’t be too general in the evaluation. Try to be concrete without pointing out the obvious aspects of common knowledge.
  • Don’t forget to use bright examples, catching phrases and easy-to-remember nouns and verbs.
  • Don’t make the assessment one-sided: write about both negative and positive characteristics of the same idea or object. Writing an evaluation essay about a cafe, you may not only mention about delicious meals and pleasant setting, but also criticize the quality of the service and unfriendly atmosphere.

Typical Mistakes Students Make

  • It is important to differentiate between a review and an evaluation essay. A review can be referred to as a commentary or summary of a theatre play, a movie, an article or a book, while an essay for evaluation should contain detailed analysis and personal assessment of the chosen object or idea.
  • It is a common mistake to go too wide and choose a general topic. It is complicated to make an effective evaluation if there are too many criteria and excessive evidence for supporting the arguments.
  • Taking fewer than three criteria of evaluation lowers the quality of writing. The assessment cannot be adequate if the number of criteria is insufficient.
  • Such arguments as “This school is the best in the whole area because I like it” or “This café should be chosen because it is the best” are unclear. So, you should avoid using them.  

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