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Burke’s Response to Paine’s Criticism

The Revolution in France remains one of the most impactful events in European history. The revolutions in Netherlands and England preceded it, but the French case demonstrated a fundamental transformation of basic social, political, legal, and religious concepts.

Culture Paper – Immunization in Latino Community

The idea of this paper is to consider the issue of immunization in Latino community, in particular, the question of vaccination.

Desalination of Fresh Water in UAE

Water demand problems and consequences, which can follow them, represent one of the most arguable questions, especially for countries, which lack this type of resource.


The environmental pollution has a history that is almost as long as the history of the humanity itself. For a long time, a primitive man was not different from the other species, being in equilibrium with the environment.


The idea of freedom has not only accompanied the evolution of the humankind but also played a vital role in the process of its development. The ability to realize the consequences of own actions and bear the responsibility is what distinguishes a human being.


The sustainable progress of any national is impossible if it is dependent on another one. This paper elaborates on the history of American Revolution using the History Channel’s video “America, the Story of Us: Revolution”.