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Study on Lie Detection

A lie is basically a statement mainly oriented from a source that aims to mislead by being... View details >>

The Comparison of Weber’s and Marx’s Explanations for the Development of Capitalism

A German economist, philosopher, and revolutionary sociologist Karl Marx was a great contributor to... View details >>

Reuse of Treated Sewage Water in Irrigating Farms

Reuse of treated sewage waters has found a vast application throughout the world. Advanced technologies allow a high level of... View details >>

Sociological Analysis of TV Shows Essay

Films, movies, and videos are very vital components of human life. They represent a summary of communication that can influence behavior from all perspectives... View details >>

The Historical Accuracy of Lonesome Dove

The representation of a historical period in literary fiction is always connected with the line of complications, which depend on the author’s personal... View details >>

The Historical Context of Seven Samurai

Seven Samurai is the epochal and powerful work that made a significant contribution to the art of cinema... View details >>