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Lebanon Essay

Despite its small territory, Lebanon is considered to be an extremely important country of the Middle East both in geopolitical and in the cultural meaning... View details >>

Moral Degradation in China in the 20th century

The 20th century is a period of great inventions, savage wars, and millions of ruined lives. The whole world was bemused by... View details >>

Pollution in Seoul

Most of the urban cities in modern society have been experiencing increased pollution due to increased industrial activity... View details >>


Poverty has been one of the most important and challenging global problems during all the times of human existence... View details >>

Qigong and Yang Style Taiji Essay

Qigong is a type of mediation consisting of three components: the mind, breathing, and posture... View details >>

Piracy in the Entertainment Industry

The dawn of the digital revolution, which has come with new trends such as privacy has not been received... View details >>