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The Industries of the Future

Alec Ross became an internationally famous expert on innovation after publishing his first book The Industries of the Future. Released this year, this non-fiction piece is already... View details >>

The Novel and Drama Adaptation

In The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time novel authored by Mark Haddon, the narrator recounts his ordeal in a foreign land. The story was adapted by Simon Stephens as a play... View details >>

The Ownership of Chinese Music

Nowadays, the world has experienced the digital progress, which has provided people with access to different valuable things. For example, many people do not usually think that... View details >>

Women in Greek Literature and Society

One of the most prevailing issues that have survived the test of time in the world is the struggle between men and women. The first stereotype that is harbored by almost all societies is that... View details >>

Women’s Roles Then and Now

Woman of 18th century: - Hello, how do you do? Let me introduce myself. I am a representative of middle class woman that lives at the beginning of the 18th... View details >>

Analysis of the Film

The documentary film Genetically Modified Food, Panacea or Poison depicts a negative impact of genetically modified food on human health. It raises many significant questions that bother a contemporary society... View details >>