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Environmental Pollution in China

The environmental crisis facing China is one of the most significant problems in the country following its rapid industrialization. The unprecedented economic growth witnessed in China... View details >>

The Great Pyramid of Giza

The Pyramid of Cheops is one of the oldest indications of the existence and rise of the civilization in the world. This pyramid is found in the Egyptian city of Giza that boasts of being the third-largest city in... View details >>

Social Media Influences on Young People

Social media has revolutionized the way the youth communicate. Young people are more active and try to keep up to date with trends. The youth tends to share more of their personal lives in... View details >>

The American Civil War

The American Civil War was an armed conflict that took place between 1861 and 1865 in the United States. Eleven states in the southern part sought to secede from the U.S. The states formed the... View details >>

The Desis

For those people who live, or were born, far from their ethnic motherland, learning and complying with culture and tradition is a way out from complete assimilation... View details >>

The Gaming Industry

The gaming industry has experienced dramatic growth mainly due to advancements in technology. Contrary to the situation in the past where users played games through game consoles or... View details >>