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Computer Science Technology

Telecommunications merged with computers in the late 1970’s and 1980’s creating an information revolution. Over the last decades, computers and... View details >>

Copyright Modernization Act

Copyright protection is an issue of considerable interest. The law recognizes public interest in extending creators the right to benefit from their creations... View details >>

Do Children Learn Better in Boys Only School and Girls Only School

Do children learn better in boys only school and girl’s only school? This is a difficult question to answer because different individuals have carried out endless... View details >>

Economic Policy and Global Environment

The problem of state intervention in the economy is one of the main issues of any country. Along with the maintenance of order and legality, the state performs... View details >>


Like many diseases, hypertension does not occur suddenly, even if it seems so. As a rule, before it is detected, changes occur in the body of a patient, which... View details >>

Locked up in America

The film under review is Edge, D., Jones, E. C., Mucciolo, L., Mongoose Pictures, WGBH (Television station: Boston, Mass.), Public Broadcasting Service (U.S.)... View details >>