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Art and Architectural Designs

Public art is an important concept in the contemporary world, which results out of creativity and imagination. It takes different forms that include sculptures, paintings, murals, memorials, architectural designs, monuments, and... View details >>

Artificial Intelligence

Intelligence, according to Nilsson, is the capability to understand the objective world and utilize knowledge to deal with issues. As for the artificial intelligence, it can be defined in many ways that... View details >>

Behavior Science and the Criminal Justice System

In respect to behavioral science and the criminal justice system, a defendant has the right of undergoing the various tests that provides information regarding legal insanity before he/she can stand for trial... View details >>

Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder also referred to as manic depression is a brain disorder that results into shifts in moods, unusual shift in energy, activity levels as well as the ability to carry out the day to day tasks... View details >>

Environmental Pollution in China

The environmental crisis facing China is one of the most significant problems in the country following its rapid industrialization. The unprecedented economic growth witnessed in China... View details >>

Social Media Influences on Young People

Social media has revolutionized the way the youth communicate. Young people are more active and try to keep up to date with trends. The youth tends to share more of their personal lives in... View details >>