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Role Trade between Countries and Its Effects on Households and Firms

According to Wagner, trade between countries is an old subject dating back to the 14th and 15th centuries. Commodities such as tea were shipped from China to the rest of the world and silk from Netherlands to other countries. Documentation of international trade... View details >>

Structuralism Theory vs. Reductionist Theory in International Relations

As a consequence of the interaction of international actors, one cannot reduce the structure of the international system to the simple sum of these interactions. This is due to the fact that international relations are an independent phenomenon, which is able to impose... View details >>

Hunger Isolation in Franz Kafka’s "A Hunger Artist"

Franz Kafka in his works tried to prove that an individual is always alone in his desire to live in the society autonomously, and it inevitably leads to the conflict between personal views and social demands and laws. As a result, individuals are forced... View details >>

Alan Turing’s Contribution to Mathematics

The first half of the twentieth century was marked by two most cruel, terrifying, and devastating wars mankind has ever known. Clearly, warfare was not just... View details >>

Analysis on the Book “We the Animals” by Justin Torres

The aim of the paper lies in investigating the idea and the theme of the novel “We are Animals”. It will discuss the characters of the book, their dissimilitude with other members of society... View details >>


Archaeology relates past material things present in the environment to human behaviour. It may involve the digging of materials from specific sites though the main emphasis is placed on understanding the... View details >>