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Oedipus at Colunus

In many Greek dramas, most the actions usually takes place in the offstage. The Sophocles (1310-1676 )  uses the devi... View details >>

If These Walls Could Talk

If These Walls Could Talk comes out as an uncompromising trio of films that capture the contentious issue of abortion... View details >>

Reimbursement in Healthcare

Reimbursement is a term used in healthcare and it is used to refer to the compensation or the repayment that is made... View details >>

Constitutional Law

Chapter: Five. 1.   Why is it necessary to know how to research the law?  Learning how to research en... View details >>

HFE Countermeasures for Poor Ventilation & Overcrowding in Hospital Basements

Most hospitals have been designed such that dungeons have been adopted to provide extended services such as parking o... View details >>

Standpoint Perspective: A Feminist Criticism of Dangerous Liaisons

Films influence our ways of thinking and by extension our day to day lives and have the ability to change our perspec... View details >>