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The Ownership of Chinese Music

Nowadays, the world has experienced the digital progress, which has provided people with access to different valuable things. For example, many people do not usually think that they must pay for music, which they can hear in the hall of the cafe, restaurants or salon hairdresser. In addition, people who play popular songs in underground passages or on the streets do not suspect that they defy the law. It is the same as an individual discovers a new chemical element and other scientists assign it. There was no problem with it before creating the Internet. In some years after this, there appeared many different information including different games, TV-series and music. People understood that they could not pay for it because they could just download it. In turn, it significantly damaged the well-being of the artist, as well as the whole industry. Therefore, in order to legitimate using of music in China, it is necessary to conclude contracts for the use of copyright rights. 

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As can be see there are many nuances and it is easy to defy law even if an individual did not want to do it. The main problems are that some people are not well inform about it, other do not understand why they must pay for music to the singers and authors. For example, one asked his or her friends and only 68% out of 52 know about it. That is why a government is trying to deal with this problem. For example, the Chinese government posted the law about it. Now they must pay for music which they can download from the internet or from special apps. If they do not pay they could face legal action for copyright infringement and may pay a fee. But where are some issues:one app can not have enough songs to satisfy user needs, desires and musical preferences. As a result, people must install plenty of apps just to have an ability to listen to music which they like and for which they pay. It takes much time to find a suitable app. Sometimes it is very problematic and users just do not want to waste time. That is why people will try to circumvent this law.  People can face with this problem in different countries all over the world. And as usual government sees only one way to prevent spreading illegal content. It is a forbidding piracy sites. Hence, it is not very effective way because it is very easy to find another similar site. It is impossible to forbid every piracy site. It will not stop most of users. Instead of one forbidden site may appear two another. And users will continue to use them. Who wants to pay when you can have it for free?


Hence, there is only one way to resolve this worldwide problem. It signifies that the government must persuade users that they must pay for music. They are to understand that any work must be paid. It does not matter which one. Everyone wants to be paid for his efforts. It is the main reason to refuse illegal sites and start to use legal apps like ITunes. Another not very weighty reason is a quality of music. As a rule, songs on the illegal sites have very bad quality and sometimes it is not very pleasant to listen to songs. That is why it is better to pay and enjoy what you like. Maybe it will inspire you to create something because in some case music is a very good source of inspiration.

Another problem is how to do it. How to persuade people who have downloaded practically everything for free since the internet appeared. Rights holders in the United States and Europe realized that the fight against piracy resources can be also through the creation of competitive products for which user will pay. I can give an example of the service Spotify. Developers of the project understood that they could not force users to pay, hence, they allow them to listen to music free for a month. After this period, they have two ways of a further using this app. An individual can buy a subscription, or he or she will be able to use it as always but with a big amount of ads. The idea of Spotify was successful. A good price (10 dollars per month) and a handy interface brought to Spotify more than 75 million users. 30 million have purchased a paid subscription. Service is constantly expanding library, interacting with artists and record labels. And it is not the only apps where you can find music. A person can choose any app which you like with a good interface, proper paid etc. For example, in this app people can do whatever you want. Anyone can build his or her own playlist or listen to favorite songs offline. It is possible for everyone to pay for music to support a favorite band. Hence the runners of similar apps should also remember that not every user in the world can pay 10 dollars per months. For example, users from much poorer countries than USA (Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, China etc.). An average salary there is approximately 100-150 dollars and it is impossible for most of them to pay. That is why piracy sites and apps are very popular among them. Therefore, creators of Spotify and other similar apps should reduce the payment. Anyway, it is better than nothing. Maybe most of users understand the importance of the legal resources but they just do not have ability to pay for it.

By the way, is it possible to count how many music bands have split up because their work was not paid? A new band had many expenses to create their songs and to perform them. Of course, many users do not want to pay for music of the unknown band or for songs of very popular singer thinking that they have enough money. Hence, if every user paid even 50 cents for a song of a new unknown band it would continue to improve because they would see a stimulus to keep on working. Maybe because of it we would have a new talented youth singers and bands who really deserve to be paid. Unfortunately, not everyone thinks about it. People can avoid this law, as well. For example, an owner of a shop can use a radio or a TV as a source of music if it is less than 2,000 square feet. Or if one wants to earn money by playing music on the street he or she can play classical music. But it must be written before 1923. In addition, there is some copyright-free music saying that an individual can apply some information on the internet. However, before using it, people should check out it on special sites. Hence, they can listen or play some of their favorite songs without paying for them.

Undoubtedly, it should be obligatory to pay for music as it is necessary, especially for new bands. Moreover, this money will be a kind of stimulus for a young artist to work on and not to split up after a lot of efforts. Sometimes, it is difficult to think up a new song which will be listened in every corner of the planet. It is hard to imagine how many people are involved in it. Each of them have families and they want their work to be paid. There are some advantages of paying money for music by means of buying a CD with a new album of a band and the like. In some case it is better to hold a piece of creation of one’s favorite band than just have some files on a computer. The individual may have some troubles with your computer. But CD will be a good memory in some years about youth. And it is a kind of taking part in creating of songs. Furthermore, listening music on CD provide people with various pleasant feelings. The real fans should sometimes support favorite bands going to their concerts and purchasing different production. What can be better to hear one’s beloved songs alive and enjoy them? Undoubtedly, it is worth to pay as a ticket for a concert of a new band is not extremely expensive. Finally, it is interesting to discover some new bands and support them downloading their product in Spotify or ITunes.

In conclusion, everyone must pay not only for music but also for TV-serials, films, games etc. The reason is that it was written; thus, every work and job must be paid. Even job of songwriters and singers. They influence a modern creation which has impact on the humanity. People must know that they also take a part in it paying and encouraging modern creative individuals. It concerns not only China which government has started to fight with illegal sources but other countries too. Because in many other countries government do not even try to resolve the problem of copyright rights. Humanity must pay attention on this and maybe, in future, it will help many new talented bands and singer to become popular.

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