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Excellent Domestic Violence Essay: How to Organize It?

In all times, women suffered from domestic violence. The very reason for this is not their weakness or inability to protect themselves. The point is that women’s rights have always been infringed. When talking about domestic violence, we mean not only physical abuse, but also threats, humiliation and other types of unacceptable behavior. It should be noted that men as well as women can be subjected to the acts of domestic violence.

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Sometimes, one defines domestic violence as a disease. Unfortunately, a lot of cases of domestic violence occur in each society. It is proved that women suffer from it most of all. However, people of different age, status, gender, nationality, etc. can become victims of abuse. You can be subjected to it whether you are rich or poor. This “disease” has existed for years. The worst thing is that no one has ever paid attention to it. None of the measures have been taken to stop it.

How to know whether you will suffer from domestic violence when you just start a relationship? When looking at some couples, it becomes obvious that one of the partners is subjected to abuse. It goes not only about married people.

What are the signs of being abused? Keep in mind the following:

  • your partner tells you that you always do everything wrong;
  • you are told what clothes to wear and how to behave with particular people;
  • you are forced to have sex against your wish;
  • your partner makes decisions instead of you;
  • you are constantly humiliated, especially in your family presence;
  • you are not allowed to do what you are interested in;
  • you are forbidden to use contraceptives.

Almost every day, we see news about the victims of domestic violence who try to commit suicide. A lot of those who suffer from different types of abuse try to escape form their offenders or protest against the violence. Women even try to defend their rights and hope that other females will not be subjected to domestic violence. In some states, there are organizations that aim to help women who have suffered from abuse. They find lawyers for them and provide them with useful information about such an issue. Women are also informed about the laws that can protect them.

Unfortunately, the statistics is shocking. Every third women suffers from domestic violence. A few millions of men become victims of physical abuse. Some of them are battered by their wives. The biggest problem is that no one can tell when government finally takes effective measure to end domestic violence. However, we should not wait for some laws to be adopted. People should begin doing something on their own.

Women should not be afraid of anything. They should fight for their rights. The most efficient way of protecting yourself is to learn a lot about such issue as “domestic violence”. Thus, women will become powerful. By no means, women should think that abuse is a way of expressing love. There is a huge difference between such a warm feeling as love and such a terrible one as abuse. It is time for women to get together, support each other, and raise public consciousness of the problem of domestic violence. It is useful to distribute fliers containing information about domestic violence, show TV programs, and film documentaries on this topic. It is necessary to develop different projects on abuse so that more and more people are aware of this problem. In this case, a lot of people will support women and help them oppose such a problem. The authorities should adopt respective laws to stop this type of violence. Finally, this evil will be vanquished.

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