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Multimedia Essay Sample

This website contains a documentary called World Greatest Bank Robbery. It explains about the burglary of the Banco Central in Fortaleza, one of the cities in Brazil. It is considered as being one of the largest burglaries that that has ever occurred in the world. It took three month for the robbers to ensure everything was in place. First, they rented a property, turned 78 meters beneath two city blocks to apposition beneath the bank,. 

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            This film targeted these individuals dealing with intelligence and investigations. It gave them different means and techniques that highly qualified robbers can use, and they can arrest them. The second group of audience is robbers and those planning to be robbers. They get to learn how to do it, and avoid mistakes the actors did.

            Multimedia objects used in this web site include: video has been used to show both moving and static images. The website also contains audio objects in form of dialogue and narrations.

            This multimedia objects contributed to the effectiveness of this website. The two acted as means of improving effectiveness and visitors’ responsiveness. This is because, were used to capture user’s attention.

            This is another documentary entitled The Hunt for Osama Bin Laden. It explains who Osama Bin Laden was and how he was the most wanted terrorist. It explains how possible it was it happened after a whole decade. This web site tries to look back at the threats Osama posed for many years and many countries. It outlines mistakes or failures of America to get or arrest Osama. It also outlines the events and steps taken to kill him. 

            The audience of this film are intelligence units and investigators allover the world, all anti-terrorists people, and the terrorists. The intelligence people are shown the mistakes they did so that they never repeat the same again. The anti-terrorist people were eager to hear the message of his death as a result of his threats and bombings. The terrorists especially from Al Qaeda are targeted as they are informed about the death of their leader. They are also informed that their ways have been known, and know they will be got.

            Multimedia objects used are speeches and graphics. Speeches have been quoted from those spoken by presidents like Bush and Obama concerning Osama and Al Qaeda. Graphics on the other hand graphics have been used inform of Osama’s photographs.

            The two objects contributed to the effectiveness and utility of this website as they enhanced clear communication as well as putting more emphasize to attract its audience.

            This website contains an American Television drama called Nikita. It deals with a secrete organization called Division. The organization recruits young people having troubled background, and erases all evidences of their previous lives. However, one of the recruit called Nikita goes rogue and the division ids not aware about her mole that she has placed in the organization. Her mission is to bring down the organization. 

            This series targets the police and youths. The police are informed about the possibility of moles in their camps, which might have been placed by their enemies. Youths are entertained with the kind of sophisticated technology that is being used by actors in this movie.  The involvement of youth actors, also aims at capturing other youths.

            Multimedia objects used in this movie include texts and audio. Audio forms include narration, when Nikita is introducing her self in every season, and dialogue, which occur when actors communicate to each other.

            The two contributed to the effectiveness of this website. This is based on the fact that, texts were much effective for those who are facially impaired

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