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The following write up is a journal article review. It describes and elaborates on the different aspects of diagnosis and treatment of abdominal pains. These include diagnosis treatment and assessment.

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The article discusses the causes, principles of assessment, the intervention and nursing care towards patients with abdominal pains. Such information is of great importance to a nurse working for surgical assessment unit charged with the responsibility of assessing patients with acute abdominal pains. In fact, 40% of patients suffering from abdominal pain do not discover their actual diagnosis.

Summary of the article

According to the article, various clinical signs and symptoms can be diagnosed in a patient hence the need for a thorough and in-depth assessment of abdominal pains in order to determine the investigations and treatment options.  A patient’s past medical and surgical history are important since it may indicate the underlying conditions which could be responsible for the complaint being presented. For instance, patients with a long standing Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis could have a flare up of their condition. Alternatively, patients who have undergone surgery previously may have developed adhesions or a post operation infection. It is also important to consider the patient’s work, social, family and travel history so as to rule out any lifestyle influences, hereditary conditions, incidences of infectious diseases, exposure to high toxic substances or high levels of stress. The severity, location and the characteristics of the pain ought to be investigated to determine the possible causes. Any associated symptoms ought to be investigated or assessed. Such symptoms may include change in appetite and weight, nausea, change in bowel habit, urinary or gynecological complaints. In symptoms assessment, the nurse can aid diagnosis and should report any findings of abnormalities to the relevant staff. Once a patient is admitted to symptoms assessment unit the nurse has the responsibility of assessing the patient’s needs. I have assessed by assessment skills through practical experience and support from other members of staff.

Evaluation of the article

However, the article gave me a chance to reflect on my technique and identify strengths and weaknesses. I have, therefore, become more efficient in my nursing practice also have also been able to pass my knowledge to other staff members and nursing students. I now plan to become familiar with diagnostic testing-the next step in the investigations when the initial steps are inconclusive. I plan to achieve this through undertaking further research and reading the relevant articles. I also intend to spend time with the specialist team to develop my knowledge and ensure that patients receive the appropriate and effective pain relief. Diagnosis refers to the procedure involved in identifying a disease. As the article articulates, symptoms and sign exhibited by the disease are used to determine diagnosis. It assists in having an insight to the disease. A combination of symptoms signs and can be used to make an appropriate diagnosis.

Through diagnosis, management of the medical disease can be made by the physician, and shall involve follow-ups and treatment. Diagnosis is also helpful in educating the patient regarding the progress, cause and outcome. It is also quite crucial for statistics and research.

The article has some weaknesses in that it is shallow in its description considering the fact that the target audience is people who have an interest in the medical field. The manner in which it is written can only be of help to those who just read it for leisure. If it is to target medical students, it has got to have more medical terms and have some depth to it. Also, grammatical errors are rampant and very poor editing was done to the article. Most of the sentences and the words I had to strain and consult outside resources.


The article has successfully discussed the assessment of abdominal diseases and can be used by laymen and patients so as to have an idea of what happens in the theatres and laboratories. The article is not satisfactory enough for use by people who are interested in pursuing medicine as their specialization.

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