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Excalibur Essay Sample

This paper looks at the heroic qualities as portrayed in the Excalibur film characters and it focuses on Arthur as the main character. In the film Morgana bore a son (Mordred) unholy after laid with Arthur. A curse descended and Arthur was stricken by a lightening, the land was stricken with famine and sicknesses. Arthur displayed a heroic quality of determination by sending his knights on quest for the Holy Grail for he believed the land would recover. Many years passed and many knights died on the quest. Perceval wandering around met a man preaching that the land had fallen because of the sin of pride and Perceval recognized the man was Lancelot.

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 This knight threw Perceval in to the river and near death he had another vision of grail in form of a mysterious figure which he recognized it was Arthur (Axmaker, 2011). He realized that Arthur and the land are one as per from the preaching of Lancelot. Throughout the film Arthur portrays heroic qualities such as courage when he agreed he was not a knight and he was brave as he refused to be defeated and continued fighting till he defeated Lancelot. He also showed his determination when he found that Mordered was his sin and he stood to face his son. When Arthur broke the sword into pieces he portrayed quality of humility by vowing to never again abuse the sword’s power .This is also shown when Arthur visited Guinevere convent and they reconciled. This quality is vital for a king for it shows he can get along with his people and he is ready to serve them right (Canby, 12011). Arthur was patient as he had faith and trust he would win the battle and the Holy Grail would be found for the land to be recovered. The Holy Grail symbolizes the Christian holidays as it relates to the last supper blood which symbolized the blood which was to be shed by Jesus from the spear thrust in his side.

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