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Concert Report

The concert was entitled the 2011 National Young Virtuosi Competition and was held at the alumni theatre at Caldwell College in Caldwell, New Jersey. This performance concert is once held in two years, and only students with a capability of presenting a high quality recital program are allowed. The concert was held on Saturday July 30th from 7pm till midnight. The alumni theatre at Caldwell College comprised of the latest sound and lighting equipment with a sitting capacity of 700 people. It also had an exceptional balcony on the first floor that overlooked the stage which on the ground floor. Caldwell College is located on Bloomfield Avenue along elm road. The presentation was entirely on voice recital with piano accompaniment. Furthermore, every recital was accompanied by at least two different musical periods with variations in their entirety. Memorizations were also required for all repertoires.

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A piano was used in every voice recital performance. The in the session, a well-balanced recital that should take between 25-35 minutes is required. There must also be at least two various musical eras, such as, Romantic and Classical music. Moreover, a sonata, variations, and memorization are necessary, with no repetitions and concerto repertoires. With voice recital, the program should cover between 15-20 minutes in the performance. Here, memorization is also required alongside with different languages used in the performance It is also essential that the performers provide their own accompaniments for the concert and the audition.

These musical selections were appropriate with certain musical selections such as Classical music. The classical music was performed in mean-tone temperament, which, effectively brought out the beauty of the combination of the selection. Therefore, the voice recital with piano accompaniment would successfully be brought out well by the use of appropriate instruments, venue and style of music.

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