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Marriage Essay Sample

Greenberg & Johnson (1988) defines marriage as a social framework that brings about the acquisition of adult intimacy and this forms the most acceptable social factor that leads to human closeness. A supportive marriage acts as an emotional refueling to the adults who have coupled. Marriage encourages interdependence between the couples and interdependency the requirement of a healthy attachment. According to the object relations theorists, a fundamental inclination in human nature is to look for connection and contact with other human beings in the environment. Because of this interdependence becomes the highest form of social development as the varied developmental theorists put is. Interdependency is characterized by a need for caring as well as taking care of the other due to showing concern and need for support. Some vices like misunderstanding usually come about between the married couple and cause violence, but due to appropriate actions like emotionally focused therapy and behavioral therapy are very important in restoring joy and happiness of the couples.  

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Through research findings, emotionally focused couple therapy has been found to be among the best types of therapy ever. Many types of therapy are known to bring back the marriage relationship just like it was at the past, but the emotionally focused couple therapy ensures that the relationship is even stronger than it used to be in the past. Just as the name indicates, this type of therapy concerns a man and a woman who constitute a couple. The emotionally focused therapy can as well get its application to the whole family. If an individual experiences that his or her family is tending to grow apart, they should look for a type of therapy for the entire family such that all the members will participate together and in this case the emotionally focused therapy is the best option among many options (Johnson, 2004).    

The behavioral marital therapy is an approach that is used to teach the couples on how to become nicer to one another, the criteria of communicating with one another in the better way, and the best way of handing any given conflict in a manner that is healthy. It has been found that about 50 percent of married couples who are counseled using the behavioral marital therapy have their behaviors restored back to former behavior after a period of about one year (Baucom& Epstein, 1989). In this case the behavior is restored but the strength of the relationship does not become stronger that it used to be in the past. Therefore the emotional focused therapy is the better option since the relationship of the couples become even stronger as compared to how it was in the past. As a result, emotional focused therapy will serve a wider range of clients.       

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