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Conflict Essay Sample

Identify a conflict that has occurred recently within a group you are a part of. List the reason(s) for the conflict. Was the conflict resolved the same day? If so, what conflict style(s) were used and were they appropriate? Why? If the conflict style used in this situation was not appropriate, which conflict style would you use? Why? If the same situation happened again, what would you do differently? 

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Groups are made up of people and people differ greatly in their attitudes. It is not possible that everyone in a group has the same approach to a particular matter. Being a student, we face different situations where we need to work in groups. Recently, a conflict arouse among the group members while we were working on a course project.

The basic reason behind the conflict was the distribution of work among the four group members. It is not possible to divide an academic task equally because the difficult level may differ and it is a subject perception of the individuals to rank the difficulty level.

Yes, the conflict was resolved the same day but it took enough effort to communicate and resolve the conflict. The conflict style which we adopted was ‘collaboration’. The style we adopted is justified on the following grounds. First, since the conflict aroused at the very initial stage and a whole week was there to complete the work, this style proved appropriate. Second, the goal of our team was common I-e to produce the best work and get good grades and we wanted the best solution. Third, we as friends and part of the same team had trust on each other and were flexible enough to listen to each other and change out thinking.

The conflict style which we adopted proved a success. We all listened to each other and agreed to assist in the completion of the whole task at large. If the same situation would happen again and the group doesn’t adopt an integrative approach, I would adopt the competition strategy to handle the conflict. I will use power of being the group leader and in direct contact with the course instructor. The reason is the need of joint effort to achieve a common goal. The members who don’t work under collaborative conditions can be brought to work by power. But it will be my last choice to use force.

How can creative thinking in groups be enhanced? * What are some organizational barriers that may limit group creativity? How can some of the barriers be overcome? What is the relationship between controversy, decision-making, and creativity?

Creative thinking in groups can be enhanced by creating an environment where the individuals have freedom of expression. When new ideas will be appreciated, people will participate more often. Brainstorming sessions should be conducted to encourage novel ideas.

Group creativity is jeopardized by the organizational strict policies and cultures. Concentration of authority also suppresses creativity. Lack of communication is one of the basic hurdles in creative thinking.

A culture of free communication needs to be established in the organization to ensure creativity. Authority and responsibly should be delegated. Two-way communication should be promoted to bring individuals in interaction with each other to listen and share each others perspective.

Controversy hurdles in quick decision making but if there is an environment where creativity is welcomed, controversy can be managed by strong decision making. Controversy may arise when creativity is encouraged. When there are so many creative ideas, bringing the organization think outside the box, controversy will arise because of not following what is pre-decided. Here there is dire need of a visionary leadership to resolve the controversy by focusing on the positive aspects of creativity,

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