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A Raisin in the Sun Review

The Title

A Rising in the Sun was a play that was written by Lorraine Hansberry, unveiled in 1959. The title of the play was an extract from a poem (Harlem/ A Dream Deferred) a composition by Langston Hughes. The author had reflected that a delayed dream is like a rising in the sun shriveling up. The title draws much from the contents of the story, which is based on the experience of a black family based in Washington Pack, Southern Chicago (Morrin, & Hansberry, 1994). The deferred dream is an indication of violence or hopelessness of a black family that puts the family hopes and dreams into jeopardy.

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Minor Characters

There are few minor characters in the play. Such characters appear very few times in the play though their roles are significant as far as the theme of the play is concerned. The former Suitor of Beneatha’s, George Murchison is perceived by Beneatha to be blind and shallow to the racial challenges facing the blacks. Joseph Asagai is also a minor character in the play. This was a latter suitor to Beneatha, who seeks her hand and marriage. The Nigerian boyfriend calls upon Beneatha to acquire her medicine degree and move with him back to Nigeria, though by the end of the play she never makes up her mind. Bobo also plays a very trivial but significant role in the play (passing money to Willy) (Cheryl, 2002) hence he is just a minor character, whose absence would not have affected the play as such.


Samples in the play are the symbolic features. Mrs. Younger (Mama) desires to use the money from the lawsuit in buying a house with a small garden where she can plant flowers (Morrin, & Hansberry, 1994). Garden is an indication of desire for space, which is lacking in this white people’s neighborhood. Flowers on the other hand symbolize hope: white flowers sends a message of anticipation and love, hence with flowers in the compound, Mama can hope that end of blacks’ oppression, equality, and success one day come to be. Conflict characterizing the play symbolizes the true situation in the society. Such conflicts were prevalent in the larger society, amongst the blacks and between the blacks and the whites.

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