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The Party Essay Sample

Laura 15 and Marion 13 are sisters. Laura is in her final year in high school while her younger sister is in her second year. Looking at the two, one can be forgiven for thinking Marion is older than Laura. Laura is of average height wears specs and her body is slim. Marion on the other hand takes after her father. She is tall and a bit plump. With only a week to go to sit for her final test to complete her high school course Laura is overexcited. The day she has been waiting has finally approached. The two sisters on their way from school are discussing how they are going to attend the party which has been organized to honor the candidates who are just about to clear high school. Laura is one of them. This is what transpires in their discussion.

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Laura: (smiling) Sis did you see it?

Marion :( worried) What?

Laura: The invitation to the par…………………………… (Interrupted by Marion who has just


Marion: (loudly) eeeh! It was very cool although the venue did not please me. They could have taken the party to a night club

Laura: That’s a good idea you have there. We had tried to talk to the management through our class representative about the same but they did not agree to change the venue.

Marion: What reason did they give?

Laura:   They have a feeling that it might be a bit insecure to take students to a night club as anything can happen anytime. Besides, they said it would be exorbitant on the parent since the cost of paying the venue will be distributed among them.

Marion :( reasonably) I agree with that to some extent and……………… (Interrupted by Laura who is still talking)

Laura: They also said it would be hard to manage some of the students who are indiscipline

Marion: Do you think mum will allow us to attend the party given that it will take place at night?

Laura: (rather disturbed) Am not sure, but given the present circumstances she might agree

Marion: (perplexed) Circumstances? What circumstances?

Laura: The fact that the party will be held in school and not somewhere in a god damn night club

Marion: What about dad, will he be for the idea?

Laura: He definitely will, if mum agrees

Marion: Dad is not easily convinced but let’s hopes for the better  

Laura: (perplexed) what about the clad?

Marion: Wow! We will have to go shopping, I mean, that is if mum gives us some cash

Laura: That reminds me I had told her about my worn out games kit

Marion: You should have alerted me I also need another pair of skating shoes. What did she tell you?

Laura: She promised to take me shopping this weekend. That will depend on whether she has cash

Marion :( brings the topic back) I think we will have to insist on her buying us new clad for the party

Laura: You have it. The party will be next weekend. We are slowly but surely running out of time

Marion: Don’t worry sis, we still have sometime left

Laura: (on realizing they have reached home) I hope all will go as planned

The two girls arrived home from school to find their parents still at work. They hurriedly changed their clothes and started working on their assignments. With only a week to go for the party to come they had to tell their mum about it. That evening when their mother arrived, they told her and she promised to buy each a new dress for the d-day. You should have seen how excited they were. 

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