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Counter Terrorism Essay Sample

One of the most challenging issues and fears by many people all over the world today is the attack by terrorists.Terrorism is the unlawful act of violence that is practiced by a group of individuals, so as to achieve either religious or political goals by use of a chain of command (Charters, 1994). There are various forms of terrorism which may be classified in form of:

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  • Civil disorder-this is a joint violence that is meant to interfere with the peace and normal flow of community activities.
  • Political terrorism-a kind of violence, which is meant to precisely ignite fear into the civilians of a given community or a certain part of the world for political gains.
  • Non political terrorism-This form of terrorism has nothing to do with politics. Instead, it is aimed at maintaining fear for so that at the end a particular a collective or individual gain is attained.

It therefore calls for a very good strategic plan by the Department of Justice in the fight against terrorism, though it is very unclear of the time and the date of attack.

One important thing I would like you to know is that, we have four options we must consider namely negotiation, reprisal, retribution, and preemption (Taillion, 2001).

Negotiation is very important because we get to know the main objective of the terrorists. The most important reason behind this is, to enable us to come up with ways in which we can respond to their weapons of mass destruction attacks. Take for example the 1996 IRA bomb that happened in London’s financial district, it could have been controlled should the department of justice had given negotiation a chance (Zagaris, 2002).

Another applicable option is the reprisal method. This is whereby, a revoke by terrorists’ calls for an immediate violation of laws so as to give them punishment. A good example of reprisal is the 1928 Naulila dispute between the Portugal and Germany. In cases where reprisals are legally acceptable, certain conditions have to be fulfilled. For example, we have to make sure that there was a previous act by the terrorists that abused international law (Taillion, 2001).

It is also good to note that, retribution is another very recommendable tool of counterterrorism. This method considers that, punishment should be delivered proportionally to the crime committed though it does not relatively have to be the same. For example, it has come to our concern that most of our ships on the Indian Ocean have been facing the piracy attacks every now and then. We should therefore ensure that, the punishment we need to offer in return to these pirates should be in accordance to the already set piracy tariff, with no mercy on them (Chartes, 1994).


Finally I would like to bring to your attention another powerful option of preemption. This is the right of buying some a given commodity before others. As a matter of fact, we the Americans remain to be the most powerful country on the universe. It is therefore very wrong, to sell some of the most powerful ammunitions to the countries associated with terrorism. You will therefore agree with me that, incase of such attacks, we will left with no choice but to be forced to use preemptive strikes against those countries that support international terrorism (Taillion, 2001). This therefore means that, we have to use all the necessary means at our disposal but maintain the world order.

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