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Home Healthcare Essay Sample

Home healthcare refers to the health attention that a patient gets from his/her home. This form of medication is usually common among patients who have taken a health insurance policy. The primary goal of home care is to enable patients, especially the aged or those possessing some forms of disability to continue living comfortably at their homes. In broader terms, such health services are provided to patients either living in their homes or in charity homes. Upon being discharged from hospital, especially after a medical operation, it may become difficult for a patient to handle ordinary duties from his home. The patient may require somebody to make his home, cook for him and, or offer him personal attention. It is with this regard that a trained personnel steps in to assist the patient in discharging daily duties.

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There are several trends that have emerged regarding the issue of home health care. First is the issue of funding and regulation. Due to the ever increasing demand of hospital ward services, many governments have stepped in quest to preventing overstretching ward amenities. Here, the attention has shifted from nurse care services to home care services. These services are either provided by the government, by insurance companies; through Medicaid or by non-profit oriented organizations. Moreover, nurse services have been abandoned in favor of physician’s prescription. This means that patients are to follow the prescription of physicians from their homes rather than being attended from hospitals. This has favored the existence of home care.

Safety issues have also continued to raise much concerns pertaining home care. These issues have been raised by the various emerging medical complications. It is imperative to note that some patients under home medical care may suffer from mental disorders. More often, the home care nurse is not provided with security yet some patients, or even their family members may turn out to be violent. There has therefore been pressure from relevant agencies to provide home care nurses with security. However, this is a current trend that has not been fully implemented.

Home health care has also raised much ethical concerns. This has mainly resulted from the changes that have been made in the legal framework. A patient under this form of health care may do certain acts that are contrary to health ethics but are not repugnant to the law. Furthermore, a person, in his premises, is at liberty to do whatever he chooses to do. Home health care attendants have therefore found themselves in a dilemma regarding the conflict between ethics and law.

Lastly, technological progress has impacted in a positive manner on home Medicare. Communication technology has been largely used to dispense health related information. This is called telecare and has emerged especially due to the ever increasing pressure to reduce the cost of domestic health services. Telecare has enabled patients to access medical prescriptions via the web over their personal computers. The same is at times done through the television.

In conclusion, the foregoing discussion is sufficient to demonstrate the fact that home health care is justifiable. It has been renowned for dramatically reducing congestion in our hospitals. Moreover, as some empirical studies suggests, home health care may result to quicker recovery of patients in that the patient is given undivided attention. The patient can also interact with family members and friends freely and hence stands lower chances of suffering from stress. Stress is a major factor that may frustrate the healing process.

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