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Healthier Snack Foods Essay

In John Sea Brook’s article “Snacks for a fat planet,” he gives highlights on the plan by Indra Nooyi and PepsiCo’s to produce healthier snack foods (John 1). Apart from being the leading food-and-beverage company in the U.S, the company is the World’s second in the beverage sector. According to John, the company has remained committed to all its promises to customers. Indra Nooyi, the company’s CEO says that Pepsi must also be what he called the good company (John 1). However, as the company grew indicated by its revenue collection, it scaled up the number of those who contacted obesity. The disease spread was highest in 1990s and was largely due to the diet components like snacks for children. The history of the company shows that its C.E.Os including the then serving Nooyi had neither qualifications nor experience to manage the company. In her strategy she was only looking forward to expanding PepsiCo’s “nutritious business” through promoting what she called “good for you products” (John 1)

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Reporting for CNN, its Correspondence Jennifer Skiff wrote on “Fast food threatens Italian healthy eating and traditions” (CNN Italy 1). She noted the negative impact of the ‘rush of modern life” on both the countries workforce and the diet. The fast food was quickly replacing the originally healthy eating habits. The change was illustrated by the reactions of Sarasino who remarked that little had changed for women in her generation. However, she admitted that in the next generation this was likely to change. Sarasino explained that this would be because the mothers will be going to work and not remaining behind to cook (CNN Italy 1). This will be a contrast to the present scenario where Elsa Fava stays back home to prepare her family a typical five course lunch. The need to maintain the traditional diet was much emphasized in the Mediterranean as a measure to lowering the occurrences of heart diseases from the then increasing use of fast food.

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