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Health Care Issues Sample

The most worrying challenge among the healthcare leaders is the financial constrains and the rising cost of medication. On a survey conducted in between 2008 and 2010, an average of three quarters of the healthcare is afraid of the trend of the financial challenges. Medicaid reimbursement is the most affected, followed by the Medicare reimbursement, bad debts and the operational cost. The growing concern from the healthcare providers’ hits on the regulating body (IPAB) over its compromise on the reality of healthcare cost. The healthcare providers raised a concern over the ability of the body to make positive developments towards reaching out to a quality healthcare for all of the Americans.

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Though there is high challenge for the providers to make any positive move in the provision of healthcare, the healthcare body faces the steepest challenge in provision of quality healthcare at a lower cost. It is projected that the cost of healthcare would increase further in future due to the rising population and healthcare challenges. At the same time the healthcare facilities are already getting short of the physicians; it is also projected that the need for healthcare would rise further. An estimate of 9000 babies plan in day is already behind time since the trend is expected to further rise. The move to make American healthcare cheaper without a formidable solution to the healthcare cost, the experience in the

The IPAB determination on the reduction of prices has been rejected by the healthcare providers as being unrealistic. This is according to the reality on the challenges undergone while providing healthcare. The hospitals have been lamed by the body’s focus only on price reduction. The capacity to attend to an emergency is just far from reaching. When the prices of accessing health is cut down, the access to quality healthcare also goes down. Due to the cut cost, the healthcare a provider faces a steep challenge of maintains the physicians’ participation in the provision of health. This has been evident after a constant fall in the cost of healthcare; the healthcare has faced serious restriction from the physicians on the number of patients they would readily attend to.

The most affected patients in the financial challenges are the younger generations who cannot afford to pay more for their healthcare. The older generation has been said to be better in coping with the expensive healthcare. Ironically, the older generation is less affected by the healthcare problems compared to the older generation. Deterioration of health would definitely cause the production down therefore creating unhealthy generation in future. Apart from the normal challenges in life, the most productive generation is now faced by the challenge of being further depressed due to emergence of more challenges. Some of them need more attention especially for those suffering from chronic diseases.

They suffer from depression and more challenges to tackle. Basically the situation is evident in the recreation areas whereby a little is seen from the younger generation compared to the old. It is usually expected that the younger generation should be involved frequently in the exercise but the situation is a bit different in the country. Instead, the older generation is the one which has a good health practice. Basically the good health practice among the older generation did not just start from nowhere but it was as result of good healthcare plans while they were younger.

If the initiative of having a cheaper but quality healthcare is not implemented in time, the projection in life expectancy would definitely drop. Therefore a radical initiative has to be considered in solving the crisis and saving the nation from enduring healthcare crisis.

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