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Cognitive Behavioral Approach Essay


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Aaron is a 17 years old single male. He is a Syrian American and a Jewish by religion. Aaron is a high school track team participant who is very determined in athletics which is attributed to his efforts to become the best athlete. He is seriously limiting his diet and is becoming an underweight as he weighs only 120 pounds. Aaron believes that losing more weight is associated with running faster, and therefore he seriously observes his eating habits by keeping lists of what he eats as well as computing the fat content of his meals. He has therefore developed thinness of limbs because of poor diet which has also resulted to persistent pain in the knee and shin. Aaron keeps lists of various occasions in his life as well as his possessions. He gets extremely anxious after forgetting to include a given item on his lists. Aaron’s family physician referred him for counseling so that to address the problem of deteriorating health. A therapist will use cognitive behavioral therapy to counsel Aaron. The strengths and weaknesses of cognitive behavioral therapy in this context will be considered.  


For the case of Aaron, cognitive behavioral therapy can be appropriate because his symptoms will be relieved during the therapeutic relationship without even having to clarify much regarding his problems. This will be very important for Aaron to regain as soon as possible. According to Corey (2009), cognitive behavioral therapy is flexible in nature which ensures that any mal-adaptive behavior Aaron possessed can be rectified. Cognitive behavioral therapy allows for the participation of family members to help change the defective behaviors. Aaron’s mother can help encourage him to eat well for improved health. Cognitive behavioral therapy can enable Aaron realize that his decisions are not workable and therefore engage himself in realistic decisions.  


According to Corey (2009), cognitive behavioral therapy is designed for mere symptom relieve. Therefore, the therapist cannot be able to know the cause of Aaron’s unrealistic behaviors because cognitive behavioral therapy does not allow for mind exploration. Cognitive behavioral therapy is assumed to deal with those individuals who are motivated to change their behaviors, especially from negative state to positive state (Corey, 2009). It is evident that Aaron is not motivated to change his behavior because he is aiming to becoming the best athlete which he cannot achieve if he adds more weight. 

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