Alan Turing’s Contribution to Mathematics

The first half of the twentieth century was marked by two most cruel, terrifying, and devastating wars mankind has ever known. Clearly, warfare was not just... View details >>


Archaeology relates past material things present in the environment to human behaviour. It may involve the digging of materials from specific sites though the main emphasis is placed on understanding the... View details >>

Art and Architectural Designs

Public art is an important concept in the contemporary world, which results out of creativity and imagination. It takes different forms that include sculptures, paintings, murals, memorials, architectural designs, monuments, and... View details >>

Artificial Intelligence

Intelligence, according to Nilsson, is the capability to understand the objective world and utilize knowledge to deal with issues. As for the artificial intelligence, it can be defined in many ways that... View details >>

The Great Pyramid of Giza

The Pyramid of Cheops is one of the oldest indications of the existence and rise of the civilization in the world. This pyramid is found in the Egyptian city of Giza that boasts of being the third-largest city in... View details >>

The Desis

For those people who live, or were born, far from their ethnic motherland, learning and complying with culture and tradition is a way out from complete assimilation... View details >>