The Influence of Agriculture and Food System on Human Development and the Possibilities of Future Archaeology

It is complicated to exaggerate the role that agriculture and food system perform in the human development. The current paper demonstrates how the development of the current agriculture and the food system affect people’s physical development.

The South and West

Reconstruction was one of the most challenging and turbulent periods in U.S. history. The South and West faced different issues. After the end of the Civil War, the country was deciding how it would treat the South and whether it would punish it for its misdeeds.

Women in Leadership 2: Reflection

Women in Leadership 2: Reflection Martha Shelley works within an organization that requires a lot of situational leadership. This is because the leader in question has limited direct interaction with the environment within which the subordinates are working.

Descartes’s Justification of the Method of Doubt

Meditations on First Philosophy is one of the most prominent writings of René Descartes, a French philosopher of the modern history who made a contribution to the development of rationalism as a worldview as well as to scientific paradigm in European culture...

Drug Abuse and Homelessness

The contemporary society lives in the era of fast-moving development, which leads to the inability to concentrate on the significant social problems preventing people from evolution. Unfortunately, the government continues to neglect human needs by creating inequality between...

Network Neutrality

Network neutrality, often known as internet neutrality is the principle which holds that individuals should be allowed to access the internet without prohibiting or blocking any particular websites or products. The issue is related to internet freedom as it requires...