Innovative Strategies

Every private business or government agency, whether profit or non-profit, must innovate. The development of the contemporary business is impossible without innovations. One of the reasons for innovation is the need for the development of the company or agency. View details >>

Self and Society

In sociology, the self refers to a set of perceptions that people have of who they are with respect to themselves, the social system and others. View details >>

Socio of Ethnic Essay

In the United States of America, racism has been deeply rooted and institutionalized. Given the history of slavery in America, African Americans have historically occupied a position of submission and inferiority. View details >>

Spiritual Assessment

Among a wide range of spiritual disciplines, I would like to place the emphasis on theology. First of all, I dealt with theology as a scientific discipline. I have recently finished a related course in the seminary so that certain knowledge has been obtained. View details >>

Text And Tradition Assessment

Recently, there appeared the prevailing viewpoint that the Enlightenment and the Renaissance writers used female characters to support the main male characters and reveal their hidden traits to the audience. View details >>

The Effects of Globalization

The 21st century is characterized by the highest level of globalization in the entire human history. Various countries and regions are not isolated anymore but are dependent on one another. View details >>