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Tornado Essay Sample


Tornado is an example of a violent fast and very and dangerous storm which is composed of a large collection of fast moving debris of dust on the surface of the ground and extends to the base of the clouds in the sky (Francis, Jeremy, Tanglao, & James, 2011). The speed of the tornado can be as high as over one hundred and seventy kilometers for every hour. This means that in most cases, tornadoes are very destructive and very dangerous to human life.

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Where it happened

Tornadoes are very common in America with the latest being reported to have taken place on the last days of April. Specifically, the tornado which occurred to the people of Alabama on the 27th of April 2011 is one of the most catastrophic to have been reported since the beginning of the year. The tornado swept the areas of Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and the Tennessee regions and left many of the people in such areas more devastated

When the tornado happened

Tornadoes are very common occurrences and events in the United States. It is worth noting that as of first may, more than 1200 tornadoes had occurred in the US with a total of 540 being reported and confirmed. However, many of the tornadoes had not been so destructives as the Alabaman tornado which occurred from the 25th of April the year 2011 and its effects lasted until the end of May.

Those who were affected

The tornado saw a situation where more than 58 people have been left dead and many injured as per 25th April at midnight according to the Night Line news agency (Francis, Jeremy, Tanglao, & James, 2011).  The occurrence of the tornado saw the president of the states declaring a state of emergency in the areas affected and thus the whole nation would come in to give help and all the support required.

The major concern

The tornado occurrence in the region had been predicted even before, though with a lot of in accuracy where they under valuated the intensity of the tornado.  However, studies have shown that the month of April, especially towards the end has been known to be the most catastrophic times of the year in the region.

Significance of Alabama tornado

The occurrence of the tornado in the Alabama region signifies the changes in the weather patterns which is currently a global issue. The governments should therefore ensure that adequate strategies are put in place to combat such situations should they occur. The weather departments of the nations should be more equipped to accurately predict the weather changes patterns.

Importance of Alabama tornado to the world

The occurrence of the Alabama tornado has sent various perceptions to the world. This follows the fact that in the areas affected as Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia have a variety of people from the various groups of the world. As a result, concern has been raised as to the state and the level of destruction caused as people look out to their relatives and friends who reside in the areas to confirm of their health status.

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