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The Veteran Act of 1944

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I. Abstract 

II. Introduction to the Veteran Act of 1944

The government of U.S is the main employer in the country. The legislature is alleged with the obligation of employing and shaping public policies. One of these policies is appreciating individuals who encounter horrors while in combat defending the country’s boundaries. As a strategy to compensate the veterans, the government made efforts to make the lives of veterans easy to adapt from military personnel to civilians an easier transition. It did it through drafting a preferential treatment that resulted to the veteran Act of 1944.   

III. The Origin of Veteran Preferences 

Since 1865, the house of representative together with the senate focused on the veterans who lost their health or become disabled while in service. The two houses passed a law that veterans ought to be preferred for positions to civil agencies. By then, confederate soldiers were not to enjoy the merit till 1958. The 1865 Act has been amended several times and eventually became the 1944 veteran Act. 

A. The civil War 

It is among the basic foundations of the Act. The government decided to extend treatment of veterans since soldiers were injured and other capacitated while saving their country. The soldiers enjoyed the advantage of pension, disability allowance and treatment for injuries that they got while in uniform. 

B. The World War 

In 1919, the federal government passed the first major expansion to benefit the veterans. However, the Act was amended after a period to include veterans, their wives, widows and wives of disabled veterans. 

IV. Veterans Preferred Act 

It was initiated by veterans’ organization need to elevate regulatory and executive orders that controlled preferences of national policy. It was initiated after the World War II hence acquiring support from both the government and the congress after the number of veterans increased. The Act considered the consolidation of numerous preferences that were in effect since the civil war. 

V. The Act since 1944

After the passing of the law, it was amended in 1948 to cover mothers of veterans. Later in 1952, a separate bill was passed to grant benefits to veterans who served in diverse branch of U.S military. The Act has been edited many times to the today’s 1944 Act that is clear to explain the preferences offered to veterans and their families. 

VI. Conclusion and Recommendations

VII. References 

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