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The Neolithic Agricultural Revolution Was the Single Most Important Event in All of Human History

The history of mankind includes several periods which can be distinguished by particular achievements and significant events in the development of Homo sapiens. Scientists believe that Neolithic era was the most significant time period while human existence. This essay is focused on the estimation of reasons which are the base of the theory why Neolithic agricultural revolution was a real revolution and how they influenced further development of society.

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The Neolithic era was marked by the invention of agriculture. This achievement turned human life upside down and provided quite new scheme of living. People had no need to spend a lot of time for hunting or gathering vegetables. Thus, they did not have to travel anymore searching for places with better food. Living in one place and growing enough food let them concentrate on the other issues such as communication. 

People understood the importance of living as community. They learned to divide work between the members of the group as they had several tasks to fulfill such as farming, cooking, gathering harvest. Later agriculture allowed them to have extra food which they could exchange for other necessary objects. Therefore, there appeared trade. Primarily, it was barter trade but later it transformed into more complex form. There appeared money as means able to regulate price for goods. Different goods had different price. This fact led to inequality of income different traders could obtain for their goods or services. There appeared rich people. 
Different level of income and more complex scheme of communication made people think that money play a significant role in life. The more money one has the more power one gains. On the contrary, people with no money become more susceptible. Therefore, rich class of people has established a specific structure of society with particular rules in order to control and subdue the poor. They called it government.

Thus, the Neolithic agricultural revolution was the single most important event in all of human history as it has brought total changes in human way of living the result of which is still seen nowadays.  

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