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Seattle is a Major City in USA

Background of Seattle

Seattle is a major city in the United States of America. Before its successful development, it was covered with thick forests and drenched in water. Seattle evolved to a big city in about 135 years ago. Many famous economic events, such as the Klondike gold rush, took place in Seattle. The city has advanced to be the Pacific Northwests cultural and economic center; it also attracted large firms like Boeing, Microsoft, and Amazon. This paper asserts that Seattle is a wonderful place to live because it has not only a beautiful landscape and environment around but also good educational resources and economic power.

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Seattles nature is famous for its most scenic beauty that attracts numbers of people from the United States and all over the world. Tourists and visitors of the city have a wide range of environmental and artistic attractions at their disposal during their stay. One of the most visited places is the MOHAI museum. The museum exhibits the chronology of life in Seattle from its maritime past to the present days. The Space Needle is an artificial vertical tower that provides a great view of Seattle city from the top. It is a cultural complex with theaters, glass display, and food courts. Other sceneries include downturn waterfront and Ballard Locks.

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Higher education is an extremely important part of the residents of Seattle. Most jobs here require advanced education and possession of academic degrees. About 54 % of Seattles population above the age of 25 possesses a bachelors degree. This proportion is higher than the national average of 28 %. Further, 92% of the population above 25 years of age possesses a high school diploma, which is higher than the national average of 85%. According to the reports from the United States Census Bureau surveys, Seattle is among the cities that have the highest college graduation rates. It also has vast adult literacy programs.

Seattle hosts a large number of the most reputable public universities. One of the institutions is the University of Washington (UW) the total enrollment of which is above 40,000 students. According to the chronicle of higher learning, UW holds the 21st position among the worlds best universities. Many of the departments of UW also feature among the ten best research universities in the U.S.

Other prominent universities in Seattle include Seattle Pacific University (SPU), Seattle University, and City University of Seattle. These institutions offer a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs for full-time students and working adults. Other institutions such as Cornish College and Art Institute of Seattle offer specialized programs in art such as music and theater. These colleges are centers of excellence as seen by the declaration of Seattle Central College as the college of the year in 2013.

The colleges and universities in Seattle are great because they offer vast learning opportunities and a possibility to interact with people from diverse backgrounds and professions. They hold specialized programs that are only available at the selected colleges in Seattle. There are also flexible schedules such as distance and online education which provides a learning opportunity to people who cannot travel extensively. The colleges and universities also offer events for interaction and fun. The institutions have works of art, buildings of fascinating architectural designs, and varieties of old trees. They are centres of films, concerts, and cultural events. They offer the most pleasant places for people to enjoy the surroundings.


The economy of Seattle is rosy and vibrant. The city offers the highest minimum hourly rate of $15, which is almost double wage rate mandated by the federal government. Therefore, people working in Seattle earn significantly higher salaries than the residents of other cities. In spite of the increase of the minimum hourly wage to $15 in 2013, the rate of unemployment significantly reduced from 7.4% to 5.2%.

Several big companies have their establishments in Seattle, making the city attractive by employment opportunities. Seattle is the main manufacturing center for Boeing. It is also the base for large companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, and Starbucks. These firms have branches in most towns of Seattle. The large companies in this place are known for their good employment conditions. For example, Amazon offers excellent benefits and rewards individuals performance with monetary bonuses. The company has a flexible working schedule and allows employees to work from home. More employment opportunities are expected due to the planned expansion of these companies. Amazon has plans for building a new downtown hub which will absorb more employees. It also plans to build a bicycle track and a new streetcar.

However, the increase in the hourly wage rate has led to undesirable situations. The house rent has increased more than in all other states. For example, an average rent of a one-bedroom is $3,500. The tax for the low-income group has also increased to more than the high-income group, causing inequality in income distribution.

Seattle offers its residents more chances to get a good job and make life better. The city has a wide range of career opportunities. Over 10,000 employees working in the city get attractive payment and benefits packages as well as good working conditions. The job market features a large array of career options.

Seattle has many opportunities in engineering, technology, physical therapy, online advertising, and health care. The demand for software engineers surpasses the supply by a great margin. The Seattle-Bellevue metropolitan region is the fourth largest employer of technology engineers in the United States. It is a home to more than 350 software application companies. Microsoft employs about 42,000 people at its headquarters in Redmond. Amazon also changed policy from employing part-time workers to full-time employees. IT professionals have ample employment opportunities in Seattle. All businesses employ IT experts since technology is at the base of competitive advantage in businesses. Healthcare professionals also have vast choice of vacancies. Seattle is a city of healthy lifestyle, and health care professionals have here many opportunities of success. Specialists in physical therapy, occupational therapy, and nursing are in high demand. These facts make Seattle a city of greater chances to get a better job and make life better.


Seattle is endowed with scenic beauty, good educational institutions, and favorable economic conditions which make it a wonderful place to live. The high number of colleges and universities offering a wide range of programs give residents high chances for career development and training required to secure employment. The economy is vibrant, providing the highest hourly wage rate and plenty employment opportunities. The large firms established in Seattle assure residents that the unemployment rate will remain low. The wide range of natural sceneries, museums, and arts provide people with the areas of fun and recreation. A combination of these aspects makes Seattle the most suitable place to live in.

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