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Organizational Behaviour Essay

There are rules and regulations that govern the relationship between people of various classes in an organization. Organizational behavior is one of the most important elements in the organization, which covers these relationships. There are so many areas that are governed by organizational behaviors such as human behavior, leadership and changes. One of the most important thing to note here is that, for these fundamental elements to be effective, the organization needs to understand the importance of elements of organizational Behavior, which determines the values, vision and goals of the organization that are to be attained in future(Durbin,2006).

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Jet blue is one of the most successful organizations that has incorporated these elements of organizational behavior and excelled very much in their business. It is the high time people should learn from it, as we have seen them provide customer satisfaction, a factor that makes them to be one of the best airlines.

The CEO of Jet blue has set the organization on this high point not because he gets a free flow of events but due to good management and strategies he applies in dealing with the challenges that arise. All that he does is just to make sure that, he treats his employees very good, just like the way he expects them to treat the customers. This is very important since it ensures total commitment of the employees in providing quality services, setting high standards of performance and personal growth (Durbin, 2006).

It is also very important to note that, culture has been well handled in Jet blue since they believe that, it is the basic element that gives them stability, security and ability to respond to the new challenges. Incase of any changes in the organization, the CEO ensures that, his employees are well trained so as to avoid the fears that, they may under perform. 

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