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November 11 Essay Sample

This is an annual day in our nation in honor of our military. November 11 is the day that we remember the heroism of those who have died in the service and victory of our nation. We are gathered here to honor our nation’s veterans.  All Americans, despite their political view whether republicans or democrats black or white want to appreciate the hard work of our military. Those who were in the first word war, Second World War, those who came from Iraq or Afghanistan we salute you. It is not just enough to stand and say thank you but we have to gather every year for their memory. We must therefore take our time work and remember them and take care of them. We must remember them so that the crippled one and disabled one don’t feel used and neglected but on the contrary feel appreciated and accepted. 

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To work in the military it requires special kind of sacrifice. In the military where they live and serve, they face so many risks, the people they face and they decide by their own. For the time they spend in uniforms the interest of the nation always come first. Their duties are shared by family members who make many sacrifices of their own, face separation during deployments and sometimes bear extreme and permanent loss.

Everyone in this nation must see that the returning soldiers who are wounded in combat get good and effective care. Our veterans do not deserve delay of medical care or responsibility of their medical bills left to them or their families but this should be taken care by the government. This nation must see that those who gave their lives to fight for justice are acknowledged and in deed honored not undermined and ignored. Those who survive and return and were prone to violence divorce and separation must be guided and counseled for them to reenter into the civilian world. We cannot forget to appreciate the people in the peace movement who have finally learned to distinguish between the brave young men and women who risk their lives in foreign lands. Yes, today all of us are united in respecting and honoring our veterans.

Many of those heroes rest in places yet so many of them are still with us as friends, as neighbors and colleagues. They are America's veterans, and they are still the pride of our nation. They have fought our wars, defended our shores and kept us free. May God keep us ever grateful for their service.  We salute you. 

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