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Nelson Mandela Inspires 67 UAE Heroes


The article under review is written by Ramona Ruiz. Based on the article, Nelson Mandela is an inspirational figure who contributed towards the transformation of many people such as the sixty-seven heroes from the UAE.  While in Abu Dhabi, Mandela appealed to people to dedicate 67 minutes to serving their community instead of donating money. After the speech, a book on UAE detailing inspiration stories was authored. 

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Inspirational leaders are rare. Such leaders dedicate their lives to changing those of others. Nelson Mandela is one such figure who sacrificed personal gains for collective interests. As demonstrated in his 67-minute speech in Abu Dhabi, Mandela had a rare ability useful in transforming societies. As Ruiz (2013) opines, a book was created and a campaign was launched following Mandela’s speech.

The influence of the speech was far-reaching since 67 stories gravitating around service to the community are captured. The implication is that the speech was localized and codified into what other people could relate to at a personal level. This is supported by the understanding that the book which was written could become an inspirational platform for many generations. Similarly, launching of social programs is likely to achieve great results in terms of inspiring other people. The level of inspiration extended to government circles since the Youth, Culture and Community minister oversaw the adoption of a celebration day for the Anti-apartheid icon. In conclusion, using one’s background such as Mandela’s while fighting apartheid is instrumental in pursuing communal goals.


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