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Disaster Recovery Essay Sample

Disaster recovery is one of the security applications that Ortmeier talks about in Chapter Ten of his book. A disaster can be defined a man-made or natural event whose consequences to property, life and industry are negative, and can possibly bring about lasting changes to human ecosystems, societies and environment. Disaster recovery refers to a process, procedures and policies associated with preparing for continuation or recovery of technology infrastructure vital to a given organization after a human-made or a natural disaster. It is true that disaster recovery is very significant in the continuity of businesses especially those businesses that are based on technology (Ortmeier 255). This security application focuses on the Information Technology systems that give support to business functions.

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The significance of having some eventuality arrangement to shield the company and all its data from being interfered with, irrespective of how critical it is, becomes impossible to be stressed so much. It does not make sense to wait until after the occurrence of a disaster, so that to look for ways necessary for recovering operations. This is because time will become limited and stressful especially when the system is needed immediately. Therefore, it is very important that carefully designed response is demanded. It is apparent that computer systems comprise the mainstay of most businesses. Without enough protection and backup facilities, it is likely that a company cannot continue the usual business incase a disaster occurs. Financial loss, damage reputation, and diminish in client confidence are also the negative consequences a company can possibly face.

The types of threats facing companies can be classified as natural, technical or human activities. Natural disaster includes earthquake, fire, hurricane, flood, air crash, or lightning storm. Technical threats comprise worms, viruses, backup failure, power outage, hacker attacks and system failure. Human activities include intentional or accidental activities. Vicious attacks may arise due to paid professionals, hackers, prepared crime gangs or dissatisfied employees. At times employees may accidentally update or delete information, and this an unintentional activity. Natural disasters like fire can be controlled by putting in place gargets like fire extinguishers and fire alarms incase a fire incident occurs, it cannot be given time to destroy property. Technical activities like viruses and worms can be cleaned by appropriate antivirus program, the antivirus can as well avoid the entry of there suspicious and harmful programs into the system. 

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