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Describing a Setting Essay

The main reason behind writing a descriptive essay is to make those interested in our work to feel, see and hear what we may have felt, seen and heard. They come in many different ways such as physical and metaphorical. Whether the writer is describing a thing, a place or a person their words must be carefully chosen to bring out the intended purpose.

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When describing a jungle, these may be some of the most probable adjectives to use. The jungle has the canopy world, underworld and water world. At the underworld, floor of the forest is may be the most unbearable place on earth; it is wet, dark with many deadly animals. For anything to live here, it has to compete for light. One meets with poisonous snakes, ants, large cats and spiders. Things are even thicker at night due to frightening noises and odd looking creatures. Minute fungi and termites aid in recycling the jungle waste and can bring foot rot. It is a place of chemical battle between animals and plants; where plants emit toxics which are harmful to come into contact with and tall trees house hundreds of ants to protect them against animal attackers. Camouflaging is the order of the day here, dangerous earth moving creatures appear like leaves and flies which one cannot see with naked eyes carry killer epidemics.

Looking at the canopy, one can describe it as the food factory, ample light and food, indigenous gardens, flowered trees and fruits of all kinds. The risks of all sorts are equally found in this place, toxic snakes and spiders, pythons, deadly wasps and leopards. Finally, the water bodies make this place stranger full of crocodiles, dolphins and electric and candiru fish to mention but a few. Streams, lakes, highest waterfalls and rivers are found here. 

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