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Communication in Organization Essay

For the organization to ensure its success, it’s the responsibilities of the management to ensure effective communications in the organization. In the organization there are many methods and tools that are available to the organization to ensure effective communication. Information in the organization should to be passed or conveyed to the intended parties at the right time in order to make decisions. For the information to be effective in the organization it should be passed to the intended parties at the right time, it should be accurate and relevant for the in order for the management to make decisions. Managers in the organizations should be aware of the tools and methods available in the organization to ensure that the information is effectively conveyed to the intended parties. Managers should sharpen their communications skills as well as their employees. The paper therefore aims at expounding the methods of collecting ideas and the aspirations of the company so that the communication skills within the company can be improved (Rhodes, Pitts & Kamery, 2005) For the company to remain relevant in the industry and have competitive edge over its main competitors in the industry should create an environment where ideal generation thrives. The ideas in the organization can be defined as the conceptions of thought by different stakeholders in order to make improvement of the existing processes possible. Businesses flourish from the generation of new ideas and thus the success of the company is realized where new ideas are formulated.

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It is the duty of the managers of the organizations to encourage their employees to generate new ideas in the organization by coming with the system that reward the employees from their effort in ideas generation; the employees may be rewarded through use of both monetary and non monetary system, monetary can include offering cash rewards while non monetary rewards include job promotions, holidays opportunities to the employees and mere recognition of the employees as having played the greatest role in the generation of the new ideas. Idea generation in the organization should mark the end per se but the ideas generated should be communicated to others so as to be of the benefit to the whole organization. For the ideas generated in the organization to be of benefit to the whole organization, managers should identify strategies that would aid the generation and collections of ideas. The ideas generation can be realized from various stakeholders of the organizations for instance the customers, the suppliers, the employees and even the competitors of the business. Customers can generate ideas for the organization by providing feedback and the responses on the level of the satisfaction from the consumption of the products provided by the business and what they would need to be improved in future. The information on the customers’ feedback can be provided from the surveys conducted by the business and also from the focus groups formed by the customer to help them share experiences from the consumption of that particular product. The ideas generated from the customers are geared towards improving the quality of the products supplied by the company thus help to create a competitive edge over the substitute products produced by the rival companies. The customers of the business have no capacity to create the innovative ideas that may lead to the corporate change and thus improvement of the operations of the business but the informal ideas collected from individual customers may lead to the great success of the company. The managers of the company should motivate the employees to generate ideas and thus help change the corporate operations. The management ensures that the ideas from the employees are generated by instituting some methods in the organization such as putting suggestion box for the employees to be putting their ideas; the management should also put the policy that the box should be looked at often so as to avoid the chances that the ideas can go unnoticed. The management should institute a lottery and a way to recognize the employee who has played the greatest role in ideas generation in the organization.

Managers should also ensure that the employees are well trained for them to be an invaluable asset of the company when it comes to ideas generations. Managers should organize forums that ensure the employees generate ideas by organizing seminars, conferences, communications training and also the forums that help the employees to tap their creativity. The management should also come with the conflict resolutions training for the employees to help them solve the conflict that may come up in their place of work. Occurrence Conflicts in the organization is a common thing since not every time the all employees would agree with other employees. The conflicts in the organization also come from the lack of agreement on certain issues between the employees and the management; some policies set by the management may not be taken well by the employees of the company who might feel that the policies are oppressive or were not consulted in the formulation of the policies. For the effect conflict resolution within the organization, the management should come up with good communication channels among employees themselves and between the employees and the management of the company (Cassidy, Kreitner & Kreitner, 2010). The company should also factor in entertainment activities to the employees to increase productivity. Some activities such as games help improve team building among employees, help employees relieve stress that accumulated in the course of offering services to the organization and these activities help employees to be creative thus generating new ideas to the company hence improve the business processes. Companies are creating conducive environment in which the generation of the ideas can be possible; the corporate can create conducive environment by creating a culture that would encourage communication between the employees of the company. In the present times, it is the policy of the company not to partition the offices so that the employees can communicate with each other freely. Another emerging trend in the places of work is the replacement of the traditional boardrooms with the retreat that offers a relaxed atmosphere where ideas generation and sharing is enhanced. The managers of the organization are also encouraging the culture of generations by reviewing all the ideas generated without looking down upon any and without rushing to make judgment on the suitability of the idea to the organization. The managers should cultivate the culture of the employees asking questions without them fearing being victimized; this would improve the innovation of the employees in the organization (Zeff, 2004). In conclusion, it is the responsibility of the management of the organization to create a conducive environment necessary for communication to go on smoothly within the organization. Effective communications in the organization help the company attain its goals and aspirations at the same time enjoying a competitive advantage over its rivals. It is through effective communication that the management ensures that the ideas are generated to make improvement of business operations and reduce or eliminate cases of conflicts in the organization. Communication also ensures that employees and the customers of the organization are satisfied with operations of the company (Alexander, 2007).

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