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Carlo Slim

Carlos Slim is the richest man in the world who owns $59 billion us dollars surpassing bill gates who has a wealth of $59 billion us dollars. He hails from Mexico. He has gone a long way in order to climb the ladder of financial prosperity. Slim has attained his current monetary position because of his hardwork in investing rather than just sheer luck as others would have it. In the beginning he was an academician, he worked as a mathematics instructor but latter he ventured in business. Still when he was an instructor he participated in buying, he also invested $55 million on an insurance company, and took a stake in retailer Sansborns. He also invested in a hotel chain. This proves that his beginning was from working perspective.

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He has faced accusations regarding to the Mexican economic crises. Grayson accused him of the becoming inefficient of the Mexico economy saying that it became inefficient following the monopolies and oligopolies of people like slim. Slim clearly pointed out that such accusations of negative opinion were part of day to day for people who seem to prosper in business. Carlo slim has heavily invested in the fields of telecommunication, financial services, and other industries as below: in America Movil wireless he has a 30% shares worth $31 billion, CARSO GLOBALTELECOM holding company has shares of 82% amounting to $12.9 billion, GRUPO CARSO conglomerate having shares of 75% amounting to $7.l billion, IINBURSA financial services has shares 67% amounting $5.6 billion, IDEAL infrastructure has shares of 30% amounting to $1.7 billion, SAKS inc. U.S. retailer has shares of 10% amounting to$263 million. The American country can form joint venture with slim in the area of providing internet and any other phone services since America entirely depends on internet and phone services and slim seems to have an interest in telecommunication industries. This article has a motivating according to my perspective since it tells of a man who initially had nothing but through hardwork he has become the world richest man.

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