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American Missionaries Essay

American Christian missionary work increased dramatically after the civil war especially in the Far East. In the East Asia for example, the missionary work expanded to several places and many people were influenced. Due to this expansion, the major objectives that emerged were the provision of leadership, growth of the economy and education to the inhabitants. After the civil war, the missionaries tried to spread the gospel in Japan and it was not initially successful. It was until 1901 when Lorenzo announced the plans to start a mission there American (Christian Missionary Society, 1916)

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These missionaries took time to learn the traditions, customs and the Japanese language before they started preaching to the people. It was until 1947 after the Second World War when the gospel spread to many people in Japan (Palmer, 1970). Apostles and servicemen were used to teach the gospel. These servicemen opened a Sunday school and even translated the covenants and the doctrines into modern Japanese.

After two years, more than ten cities had already received the gospel and more than two hundred Japanese had joined the missionaries. Japanese had gotten a chance to serve in all leadership post in church and most presidents were either Japanese natives or were Americans who had ancestral background of Japanese. The number grew significantly and within thirty years, almost all the missionaries were the Japanese locals (Brown, 2009).

By the time Japanese were in the missionary group, programs like seminars, departments for translation of materials to Japanese and other service providing programs were fully accessed by Japanese. This mission expanded and Okonawa and South Korea were included in the mission and it led to the change on its name to 'Northern Far East Mission',  at this time, a southern far east mission was organized and it included countries like; Taiwan, Guam, Philippines, and Hong Kong. The mission presidents had to supervise proselytizing in conjunction with church programs for people in the military in the whole Guam, Philippines and East Asia (McAlliste, 1975). The presence of truce in Korea made it easy to further establish the work of the missionary in the region.

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