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Copyright Modernization Act

Copyright protection is an issue of considerable interest. The law recognizes public interest in extending creators the right to benefit from their creations... View details >>

Omani and British during the Wahhabi Period

The Wahhabi period is the era between 1800-1869. During this time, the British and Omani had significant dealings in the east. They controlled so many activities... View details >>

Political Realism

Egoism is a motivational state that studies a human care about their own welfare only or about getting advantages without taking into account the interests of other people... View details >>

Rhetorical Strategies of the Regime Legitimization

After the division of Korea between the United States and the Soviet Union in 1945, two parts of one state had to accept different political views, provided by... View details >>

The Impact Gender and Sexuality Have on Our Lives from the Perspectives of Socialization and Sociological Imagination

Two of the most important concepts to sociologists, which can also be considered as processes, are socialization and the sociological imagination... View details >>

Use of Math in Life

Mathematics is everywhere and we use it in our day to day undertakings. We use mathematics in counting by use of addition- subtraction and... View details >>