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Entrepreneurial Careers Essay


Entrepreneurial careers are some of the most common jobs in the current society. It is because of the nature of the ever evolving world. Businesses continue to emerge daily. Moreover, there is a need to create appropriate management and supervision of the firms. The individuals also continue to invent and innovate the existing ideas. Entrepreneurial careers provide them with the opportunity of putting the ideas into practice. Nevertheless, it is one of the topics that require adequate analysis. It is because not every individual can succeed in the field. In fact, there are those who exhibit failure. It is vital to note that there are numerous factors that propagate people to engage themselves in these jobs. First, they tend to seek new jobs online. Secondly, there is an ardent desire for freedom. Most people yearn for flexible working hours. The rigidity of other careers such as nursing an administration limits them. Moreover, they quest to be self-bosses. They believe they have the ability to govern their work and create employment. It is also a segment marked by extraordinary success. The entrepreneurs create wealth. The paper explores entrepreneurial careers and the features that characterize its success.

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Overview, Arguments, Perspective of Entrepreneurial Careers

Entrepreneurial careers include diverse kind of jobs in the current age. They range from opportunities in the internet and IT section to the running of restaurants and service industries among others. It is critical to acknowledge that pursuing such a career is vital, owing to the wide open possibilities. In other words, it is difficult for one to lack an avenue of employment. The current education system has been at the forefront in encouraging the young people to embrace such careers. In Africa, for instance, lack of employment is one of the major issues that characterize most economies. Most youths spend four years in the University. Nevertheless, when they accomplish the course, they fail to get the formal employment that they desire. It is therefore, vital that entrepreneurial careers be highly encouraged among these countries. Entrepreneurial career opens up an individual to the reality that he can put to practice the knowledge that he has garnered in class. For example, one can pursue a course in Agriculture as a course. Consequently, they may look for formal employment as agricultural officers within the public sector. Nevertheless, when they fail to get the opportunity, they can utilize the theoretical knowledge to start of Agricultural businesses. It could entail rearing poultry and selling its produce. A goal oriented individual, has the ability to prosper and create a business empire out of the agricultural opportunity.

There are arguments that elicit regarding these careers. First, there are views that Formal government employments are better compared to entrepreneurial jobs. Such discourses are due to the fact that most government jobs have a defined tenure. Moreover, there is definite salary that individual get at the end of the month. There is also the aspect of retirement benefits. It is also fundamental to note that the pressure for the success of the organization does not solely depend on an individual. However, entrepreneurial careers make a person shoulder the entire responsibility of the firm. He accounts for the success or failure in performance of the business. He defines the long-term and short term strategies of the organization. Moreover, he determines the extent of the existence of the trade. The pressure to handle such career is a reality in the current generation. Globalization has had a massive impact on the international market. For example, a successful entrepreneur must ensure that he practice operative standardization of the product in the market. Moreover, he must be keen to study every locality. It includes their culture and perception regarding an item. Consequently, he must introduce products that are customized to the needs of the individual. Appropriate pricing also determines the success of the product. Needless to say, customers form the backbone of the organization. The 24 Hour economy system has also been essential in promoting entrepreneurship. In most developed countries, the people carry out their business up to eve of the night. In fact, there are many businesses that continue to merge as a result it. It is therefore possible to note people who carry out double mandate. They work in institutions during the day. However, at night they are managers of their business. The concept is therefore, fundamental to increasing the revenue in the economy. In households, it accounts for the increase in the income level. The long – term impact is a definite improvement in standard of living.

Requirements and Goals for Success in Entrepreneurial Careers

The truth is that there are requirement and skills that define the success of entrepreneurial jobs. One must note think that he can engage himself in the career as long as there is an opportunity in the market. Such an approach could be detrimental to the success of an individual. In essence, there are distinct needs for one to prosper. First, there is a need to be a hardworking person. It is because these careers are involving. They require ardent supervision and study to the work. The ability to make profit and loses depends on the extent of one’s effort. One must have the discipline to engage in the business with entire efforts. For instance, you cannot push your responsibilities to your juniors. It will open up a crack that may enhance failure. Consequently, entrepreneurs must exercise much effort in handling the jobs. Secondly, they must risk takers. The jobs are not for the fearful and reserved people in the society. It is because there are a lot of external and internal forces that define the market. There are also moments where one has to make a decision without having proper statistical information. It is vital to note that the risk involvement negate the ability of other people to take part in the business. They are afraid of making loses. Consequently, they keep off from such careers. However, they are aware that they have the potential to make wholesome profit.

The careers also require individuals who are goal oriented. In other words, these are self-driven people who have proper understanding of the job. They have the vision and the mission of the organization at heart. Consequently, they spend their valuable efforts to ensure the accomplishment of these tasks. They ensure that the entire team of staff has an idea of the goals of the business. It is imperative to note that while they are profit seeking, they do not exalt it. These jobs require that one has proper analysis of the career. For instance, when one starts up the firm, he may attain limited profit out of it. It is because the capital may be little. Moreover, the cost of operation may be high. However, as time progresses, an individual may make more profit. It therefore, takes patience to succeed in the field. Entrepreneurial careers must also be quick and effectual decision makers. It is a field that encounters diverse challenges. There are threats such as increased taxation and competition that have a direct impact on the firm. Consequently, they must seek way of maintaining a competitive edge amidst the challenges. The career therefore, demands that the people engaged make quick and effective decisions that do not negate the company performance. Moreover, they take time to do research analysis regarding the market. They are knowledgeable and seek to avoid errors in the process of their work.

Anyone desiring the career must have short and long-term goals. In other words, he must define the current and future expectation concerning the area of work. For instance; he can define the level of expansion that he foresees regarding the firm. He can plan on the expansion of the organization. One can also define the returns of the company after a period. The goal is vital in ensuring that one remains at the core of the mandate. It negates retrogression. The role of education must also not be ignored in the subject. There are diverse courses that focus on developing entrepreneur jobs. They range from diploma to doctorate level. They are vital for equipping an individual with proper skills for success. In fact, most entrepreneurs continue to learn even after attainment of the first degree.For instance, upon attaining a degree in business management one should aim at getting an executive MBA from a recognized institution. It will be vital in the job. It is because the career has a global image. In other words, it does not limit one to a specific country. He can operate a firm in a different zone. Expansive knowledge is vital in managing both domestic and international market.

Future Progression of the Career

The future of entrepreneurial careers is bright. It means that there are high probabilities of the population seeking such jobs to rise. It is because the increase in standard of living requires people to have alternative sources of income. Consequently, the limiting government salary may not be appropriate. It is also vital to note that invention and innovation continue to characterize the current society. People persist to come up with new ideologies. On the other hand, they also seek to improve the existing ones. Consequently, the trend causes the emergence of careers that seek to fill the market niche within defined zones. The immense profits that characterize entrepreneurship is also a motivating factor among many youths. It is the area where one has the ability to earn a lot of money. However, in some instance, one can experience extreme losses. People therefore continue to show a lot of interest in the careers. There is also a lot of government support in different nations. They seek to empower their citizen to be self employed. They believe it is the solution for lack of jobs in countries. They offer funds and incentives that can help people start up business. They also provide public education to that effect. Most institutions of higher learning have also been at the forefront in affirming the careers. They train student not to depend on white collar jobs only. In fact, most courses have units that expose the young citizens on developing business plans. The strategy is likely to secure the stability of these jobs in the future.


The discussion illustrates entrepreneurial careers as a vital topic in the current education system. There are different reasons why people seek the jobs. They include the need to be one’ own boss, the flexibility and the profit that accompany among others. Nevertheless, there are different views and arguments regarding the jobs. An individual must have the appropriate requirements and skills to succeed in the career. He must be a risk taker, hard worker and goal-oriented among others. The future projects massive influx in the field. Entrepreneurial careers are critical to the stability of the society.

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