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Arkansas Policy Change Essay

Problem Facing Rehabilitation Centres in Arkansas

One problem that is persistent in Arkansas is the few number of rehabilitation centres. A rehabilitation centre is where treatment or treatments that facilitate recovery from disease, illness or addiction is offered. The purpose of the rehabilitation is to restore the victims’ mental or sensory capabilities and to make him or her not be dependent on some stuff he is addicted to. What Arkansas has to increase is drug rehabilitation centres where addicts are assisted to stop depending on drugs for their daily lives. There is wide spread abuse of drugs in Arkansas due to its proximity to Mexico. Also, the rural land side is conducive for growth of such drugs as marijuana.( Oberman, 1980)

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The age bracket mostly affected by this problem is young people. In Arkansas for example, in the year 2005, 12,862 people were admitted for rehabilitation. In a national survey that was conducted later, 2.90% of the citizens of Arkansas reported that they need help in rehabilitation centres but they could not receive treatment for illicit use of drugs over the past year. This means that they could not access rehabilitation centres that should offer the service. There is need for drug rehabilitation programs in Arkansas that can help so that rehabilitations will be within the reach of every citizen.

Cracked cocaine and powder have proved to be a problem to the citizens of Arkansas because they relate to street gang violence more so in the inner city areas. The availability of crack throughout Arkansas compounded with the migration of street gangs to non traditional areas has led to the spread of drug abuse in Arkansas. Heroine is not considered such a big problem in Arkansas ( Morris 1977). Domestic and Mexican marijuana are readily available throughout the state because the long growing season and the warm climate provide conducive opportunity to cultivate marijuana more so in the rural areas. Methamphetamine produced locally and Methamphetamine produced in Mexico is widely available, making it a drug of concern.

The rural nature of Arkansas provides the opportunity to hide and engage in underworld drug market in production of Methamphetamine so that authorities can’t know it. Other drugs that pose a great threat include MDMA, LSD and GHB. Most of these drugs are used by college students and teenagers. Juveniles have also begun drug abuse at very tender ages. A survey that was carried out in 2006 indicated that averagely 11% of all 8th graders had at least once used marijuana. 8% of 10th graders reported that they had at least once in their live sold drugs.(Norback, 1979).

The government should serve to increase drug rehabilitation centres because drug rehab bring back a life that had been lost. Drug addicts are very physically unfit for most jobs. When such people undergo drug rehabs, they start to heal immediately. For cocaine users their hearts will grow stronger, for marijuana addicts the thinking will become clearer. This will serve to improve the economy because they will get jobs and become productive. Most of the drugs on the streets damage the mind and its only in the rehab that they will benefit. Drug rehab benefits can only be achieved in drug rehab centres. (Pallone, 2005).


In a bid to improve accessibility to drug rehabilitations centres, the government should establish community based rehabs that are found closely to the people and that which people can identify with. The government should teach people at all levels the impacts of drug abuse so that especially young adults will try to do away from drugs. When the young adults work or go to school they will be productive to the economy. The government needs to work in conjunction with church organizations and community based organization to realize this dream.

It can achieve this by providing adequate funds and the required personnel to oversee this. Very tough penalties should be imposed on drug traffickers as they are the major cause of this. There should be established days that community service is dedicated to drug rehab so that the victims of drug abuse are assisted. Other suggestions on how to improve rehabilitation delivery include: increase human resources, providing clinical leadership, defining core of set of rehabilitation services, funding ongoing education and allowing direct access between rehabilitation professionals.

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