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Social Problems Essay Sample

Public schools are supposed to provide all U.S. children with the academic foundations necessary to take part in society in a creative and positive way so as to address the Social economic issues affecting the nation. In this regard the core values taught to the children should aim at eliminating the core diversity in ethical values and beliefs in view of promoting well being among families and societies.

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Secondly, young student failing to gain positive knowledge is specifically the key factor contributing to lack of necessary survival tactics for the young grow to youth.  To turn away from this the young children need to attain essential information and skills on how to apply for the gained knowledge so as to increase chances of survive and succeeding.

At the same time, young children will start to fail in life if they are not informed on how to partner for opportunities for the purposes of attaining growth and leadership skills. For this reason, the young children will not build venture ideas towards tomorrow opportunities which are the key to growth of the societies hence eliminating Poverty which is one of the social problems facing our community.

The children will also learn how to address matters associated with insufficient food supply and its availability in any family, control of polluted environment which results to polluted air like carbon monoxide which is harmful to human being In factories where there is emission of this dangerous gas it poses poor working condition to the staffs and the people who live around. 

Due to lack of knowledge, the children also fail to learn and understand  how to be productive by knowing how to start venture businesses which eliminate poverty and low income in the society. This in turn will eliminate high rates of vice like smoking, being drunk, overweight and becoming physically inactive.

In addition student will also fail to learn that drug abuse will  leads to failure in class work. as Medical study shows that students who take drugs become slow learners and mostly they are not quick in comprehending what is taught in class a factor which results to failure in school. Talking of drugs becomes a system from generation to generation thereby enhancing the gap between the poor and the rich day by day because the government has not enacted laws to help those citizens in such problems and try to curb the use of drugs.

  Linda asserts that  failing to have good academic foundations will limits children to have knowledge on how to handle cases of poor nutrition which has become the first discomfort to student causing poor concentration in class therefore fail to understand class lessons. It will also enable them to shun bad criminal companies in the name of searching for the daily bread thereby posing insecurity in the nation and the buying and selling of fire arms in order to prevail in carrying out these criminal offences.

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