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Paragraph Developing Essay

What are the five most common techniques for developing paragraphs? Provide at least one example of each technique. Answer

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Paragraphs can be written using various techniques which are selected depending on what you are talking about. The specific technique that you choose to use should favor the idea you are discussing about thus it should not deny you the freedom of fully discussing your point. The first technique is the Examples technique; this developing method helps in making your paragraph more specific about a certain point of the main topic that you are speaking about. This technique allows analogies, metaphors and anecdotes to be incorporated in it in turn they provide precise details. One could use Libya as an example when discussing instability and dictatorship a far as leadership is concerned.

The second technique is the Process method which involves discussing an idea using a specific sequence. When the order is disarranged the point being analyzed can lose the original meaning but it is also the simplest method to use thus many people tend to use it. This can be exemplified in sequence giving of orders such as in laboratory procedures i.e. add 20ml of ethanol to water, warm the mixture to 40 centigrade’s….

Third is the division and classification method which is the most effective in situations where comparison and contrasts have to be made since the method organizes similarities and differences in ones paragraphs. Take for example the biological classifications of living things into various kingdoms, divisions and classes down the line to the smallest divisions i.e. species and sub species.

Fourthly, comparison and analogy method can be used when explaining difficult concepts such that the reader finds it easy to familiarize and even compare it with the concept under discussion. This method is very useful when conclusions need to be made in that you can be able to look at both sides of a certain point. Take for instance, comparing the gains and liabilities of an institution to establish its profitability in the current business industry.

Lastly, Cause effect is also another technique that can be used .here an effect is identified in the topic sentence and various causes of the effect attached. An example is where one considers the deadly effects of the world wars while associating the same to factors that led to the wars.

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